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3 weeks after the release of 0.4, the Warsow team brings you 0.41; as usual, a build which mostly aims to solve some bugs, with some minor improvements and additions.

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The most notable changes are: the missing texture bug on wca1, the rocket projectile speed (weak and strong are both 1000up/s like they were supposed to be), some fixes in the movement area (cg_oldmovement 1 should really feel like old movement now), and some additional maps (the two ctf maps which got playtested in the Warsow pickup channel for a while), and adding some missing settings in graphics and options menus.

Also the mac release has been greatly improved, and includes all needed frameworks and gamedata! For support and troubleshooting, head to this thread.

The release comes in both an installer for windows, as update packages for windows and linux. To install, extract the package over your old Warsow 0.4 folder, keeping intact the folder structure.

Enjoy this release, spread the word, report bugs in the appropriate forums, and have fun!

New Maps:

  • added revised version of wdm10 with a new item layout, wdm10a.
  • added two new CTF maps, wctf2 and wctf3.

New Features:

  • added delay between getting off the flag stand and the timer counting up again (600ms).
  • added jumping animation when using jump pads.
  • added new callvote option callvote kickban, which will temporarily ban a specified player from a server.
  • added menu options for various graphical effects and player preferences.
  • added option to alternate between map names (wdm1, wdm2, etc.) and map titles (Flew Over, Chronodynamic, etc.) in the start server menu.
  • added new chasecam follow modes. Entering the follow modes is done by adding one of the following parameters to the chase command:
    • will chase the given player.
    • auto will chase the highest fragger unless there's a flag or powerup carrier, in that order.
    • carriers will give the user pov control unless there's a flag or powerup carrier, in that order.
    • flags will give the user pov control unless there's a flag carrier.
    • powerups will give the user pov control unless there's a powerup carrier.
    • score will chase the highest fragger.
  • added default autoexec file for Warsow TV (tvserver_autoexec.cfg).
  • added feature that appends the current number of specs to TV server's name.
  • added query protocol support to Warsow TV.
  • added rcon support to Warsow TV, and a tv_rcon_password cvar to go with it.
  • added Xavatar's path_spline cameras.
  • added GLSL distortion pass to textures/russus/teleporter.
  • added ability to pass server password in URI (scheme://[@][:]).


  • changed Rocket Launcher reload time to 850.
  • changed strong grenades to bounce once before detonating.
  • changed weak rocket speed to 1000ups (for real this time).
  • shrank item bounding box by 8 units on vertical axis.
  • modified instagun sound.
  • modified rocket explosions to look slightly less intense.
  • changed Warsow TV chat to look more distinct.
  • modified CTF bonuses to be shown as awards.
  • modified medium profile to use smaller texture sizes for portalmaps (256) and shadowmaps (512).
  • modified behavior of cl_compresspackets:
    • 0 disables packet compression.
    • 1 compresses packets bigger than the average client packet size (default).
    • 2 compresses all packets.
  • changed serverside password cvar to tv_password.
  • default client packets-pre-second (cl_pps) is now 35.
  • default max Warsow TV clients (tv_maxclients) is now 32.
  • modified Warsow TV chase commands to function identically to normal chase commands.


  • fixed missing textures by adding ecel texture pack.
  • fixed Warsow TV multipov. Chaining Warsow TV servers should now be possible.
  • fixed areaportals over Warsow TV.
  • fixed broken shader (textures/HazelH/floorpanels_mirror).
  • fixed bug with minimap showing enemy locations in CA and for coaches.
  • fixed bug with saving cam files that only had subtitles.
  • fixed bug which prevented the player last in the last player slot from interacting with the level.
  • fixed crashes caused by excessively long names.
  • fixed Duel Arena being absent from the server filter.
  • fixed electrobolt damage doubling.
  • fixed ERROR: Game Error: G_Spawn: no free edicts server crash.
  • fixed inverted strafing movement bug which was causing undesired results when attempting to bunnyjump using +moveleft and +moveright.
  • fixed missing textures in wca1.
  • fixed old movement (cg_oldmovement 1) delay being applied when entering a new level.
  • fixed overpowered gunblade shots in Clan Arena.
  • fixed ping spikes caused by client command buffer underflow.
  • fixed problem with textures/hazelh/verticalborder2's non-deluxe path (scripts/hazelh.shader).
  • fixed scroll list in the server menu.
  • fixed rendering of portal views.
  • fixed start server menu forgetting map names.
  • fixed vintage Quake 2 bug concerning nonworking banlists.
  • fixed shaders with material passes crashing in 2D.


  • removed battleye and forcemodules from dedicated_autoexec.cfg.
  • removed depreciated follow command, use chase instead.
  • removed unfinished path_sin cameras.

downloading.. ;)

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o/ choo

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honestly, it's a pretty solid game

so why not 1.0 it already?

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pretty solid is not enough for the devs :D

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Honestly, I thought Warsow WAS at 1.0 when I first played it. Very solid game, though I believe the devs have a long road ahead to make it Great.

Something I'm very confident they will achieve. :)

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good stuff

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