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New version of warsim! featuring lots of new encounters for the throne room and tons of other editions

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It's been quite a big update today, lots of player suggestions have been added and I've been fluffling out the throne room with a lot more encounters, though there are still more to come and feel free to suggest any you can think of, I've added kobold faces and trow faces so there are even more faces to see now and I've made a start on fixing and updating the knightly orders also the general will now speak to you before attacking someone and vassalisation makes more sense! hope you guys like it!

* Fixed raider kingdom attacking with no troops crash bug (credit u/zergling212)
* Added refugee from another kingdom encounter (throne room)
* Added passing joke teller encounter (throne room)
* Added ability to stop people visiting your throne room
* Fixed accept the apple text bug
* Added Kobold Faces (credit u/RuneLFox)
* Added Trow Faces (credit u/voliol)
* Added 3848601600 total Kobold faces
* Added Kobold face generator to generators
* Added 12645642240 total kobold faces
* Added Trow Face generator to generators
* Fixed gold boy takes no gold
* Added 1 in 120 odds that giving gold boy a gold will increase public op
* Added 1 in 11 odds that giving gold boy 10 gold will increase public op
* Added Old man needs gold encounter (throne room)
* Added Old Hag encounter (throne room)
* Made explorer encounter rarer and cost between 50 to 1049 gold
* Added cursed demon encounter (Rare) (throne room)
* Added Magic fruit seller encounter (uncommon) (throne room)
* Added graphic to knightly order
* Fixed line spacing in renaming independent kingdoms
* Fixed the Independent name being bandits names in debug screen
* Fixed knightly order name not working beyond one word
* Fixed knightly order requiring 25k not 5k once bought
* Set hire limit of knights to 150
* Added passing wise man encounter (uncommon) (throne room)
* Added friend of slave encounter (uncommon) (throne room)
* Added soldiers lobbying for pay rise (rare) (throne room)
* fixed if kingdom relation positive when you vassalise them, don't set it to 10 it adds 10
* Fixed bandit lands for independent bugs
* Added generals comments on each attack
* Re-ordered attack types to make sense based on danger (credit u/simielblack)
* Made starting throne visitors dynamic
* Added coin flip encounter (rare) (throne room)
* Fixed vassalisation being based on troop count not strength disadvantaging kingdoms of gods and giants

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