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This is a pretty decent update, we've got a lot of bugfixes and an age old bug I hadn't managed to figure out until now

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This is a pretty decent update, we've got a lot of bugfixes and an age old bug I hadn't managed to figure out until now, several minor factions had a massive edge on their attackers thanks to a missing 'o', gotta love coding, but now the balance has been restored, unfortunately this made the demons so much weaker than before that they had to be buffed up to compensate, I have also added a new artifact you can buy at the artifact market called the Friend of the Fearful which allows you to communicate with Xenophobic kingdoms, added a few changes to the reports screen, added the slave rebel faction to the diplomacy screen and added some flags to the pop-up groups who have diplomacy abilities, got some cool stuff in the pipeline too but I'm going to keep quiet about it for now! Hope you guys enjoy

* Fixed shallowrock mine report showing lower income than real income
* Fixed artifact hall obisidian sword bug
* Added Friend of the Fearful artifact to the artifact market which allows you to communicate with xenophobic kingdoms
* Fixed Aslona gold bug in vassalisation
* Added announcement in the turn reports screen when the demon horde rise
* Added correct grammar for general's pre-attack message
* Stopped you starting on a combat phase in a new game
* Removed a massive bug that overpowered the following factions, (Wagon man's trading company, Royal Bank, Pest group, Slave Revolt, Village of Rihhm, Village of Smallhaven, Combat Academy, Holy order of roses, Outpost mercenaries, Orcs of fort Gorthmek, Slavers, Titans, Demon Horde
* Fixed bank guards using holy order knights to defend themselves
* Buffed Demons from 300 battlescore to 666 battlescore
* Fixed ability to speak to deserter faction when it doesn't exist
* Added flag for slave rebels
* Added flag for deserters
* Added flag for pest group
* Added slave revolt to diplomat screen (Requires 80 diplomat skill to talk)
* Added ability to bribe and hire slave revoltists but unlikely to work if you have any slaves
* Removed useless mercenary diplomacy screen text
* Added Troop count view to Kingdom reports screen
* Added ability to free slaves and slave soldirs to kingdom reports screen


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