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Wario and Link will soon be joining the ranks of the Coalition!

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Our favorite green-clothed elf from Hyrule will soon be a playable character!

Gameplay concepts:
*Link will have a unique gameplay mechanic: a combination of the Mario bros. and Arthur.
*Link can stomp enemies and pick up SMB2 enemies.
*Link will have a unique powerup set.
*Link has a melee attack at all times. However, it is only fireball-effective (he cannot kill enemies like Buzzy Beetle with his sword).
*Link swims freely in any direction with the arrow keys/D-pad.

*Initial: Young Link, the vulnerable form of Link.
*Mushroom: Adult Link, simply makes Link bigger and allows him to take an extra hit.
*Fire Flower: Boomerang Link (blue): his boomerang flies forward and returns. It bounces back if the enemy isn't killed by the hit.
*Leaf: Keaton Link, basically the same as Raccoon Mario.
*Tanooki suit: Deku Link, like Tanooki Mario.
*Hammer suit: Bomb Link: he throws Bombs JUST like the hammers, except they explode in contact with the ground/wall, can destroy blocks, if you duck & throw they go straight forward for a bit.
*Megaman suit: Zero Link
*Spartan suit: Arbiter Link: Has rechargeable Halo energy shield. He can fire energy beams from his sword.
*Yashichi: Fierce Deity Link/Oni-Link

And now, it's WAARRRIIIOOO Time!

His gameplay will be similar to that of the Wario Land series. His special move will be the Rush Tackle, that can defeat most enemies, and cross large pits.

I'd be scared too if I saw a big man brandishing a rocket in my face.

Here's an early video of Wario in action:

-Artanis- - - 114 comments

looks great.
you shuld put the tank from "Blaster Master"
in the game too, after that, I really canĀ“t
think of more things to add.

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Wiweeyum - - 347 comments

I'm thoroughly impressed... have been since the beginning. But I'm most impressed that you all have managed to keep everything organized and aren't getting bogged down. It seems like every time I turn around there's more content! Some thing new added in!

If I were to add something else, it'd be Contra. In one of your videos I heard the old school NES contra bullet hit sound and got just that much more nostalgic.

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Moleman2009 - - 272 comments

truly amazing the only thing tht would make thhis perfect is if it was on a gameboy :D

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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Very impressive! Excellent work!

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Karnak - - 60 comments

is this going to scale to resolution? even widescreen?

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Obreck2 - - 9 comments

Hmmm... the Link info is outdated. Some of his abilities/powers have been changed. More info will be posted once he's closer to completion. For now ignore the outdated gameplay info and enjoy the screenshots.

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