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Wanderjahr is on Greenlight If you like this game, please vote on greenlight smile emoticon :D

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Hello everyone

I'm new to this community and my English may not perfect. Please forgive if do something wrong. Basically just want to show and promote my indie game to the world.

Wanderjahr project began since 5 years ago, i still remember the day i watch world cup 2010 while coding this game. That day i hoped that the game should be finish before Euro 2012... But not finish until world cup 2014. That time I fell a lot of stress. But no other way except must finish it. Sorry if that boring you, i know that is almost of indie developer fate.

The game is real time raid battle JRPG with a unique story (as I think). Its about the people who try to edit the source code of the universe. Think that we're living in the super big open world game and one day we realize that there is a source code that control our universe. Then we try to find it and change it to create the real peaceful world. A long and hard project but finally they can. But only 2 week left before the final phase some world chaos had happen. We put all effort and a lot of care to the game try to may it most polish as possible. Hope you guys like it :)

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