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There is now a Stats HUD, more character sprites, CGs, scenes, and more!

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Before I begin, last night WAGAKKIWA got to #7 out of all of the games on IndieDB! That was just so mega epic aweomse-ish! I want to thank everyone for helping us get to that, and as I write this the game stands at #13 so help us get it back within the Top Ten! :D Now, for the real update:

Hello everyone! Jake here, from Paperviper. Today I have some more 'WAGAKKIWA' news to share with you. First, I want to tell you all about the new 'Stats HUD' I programmed into the game. Late last night I began to think of how the game's screen could use more 'filling' and so I decided a Stats HUD showing the player's stats in real time would be nice. "What's next, then?" I thought afterwards. Well, a graphic for the HUD that would make since and fit the style of the game. A couple hours of being OCD-like to make the numbers fit, programming in the screen language, and wa-la! I got the HUD in the top left working and looking nice! It's purpose is to show the player Hideo's current stats in real-time. It won't show his confidence (because that's a hidden value) but it will show Strength, Charisma, and Study. It's there to make the screen look nice and help the player decide what to do with Hideo to make him a more confident, more better person (or worse, the numbers can fall in real time as well).

Alongside this, I have finally completed around 50% of the 'At Home' or '-RPG' elements of the game, finishing off the programming for all of the scenes that Hideo can access to build his stats at certain levels in the game. Now that those are done, I can work on the simple 'Job' sections (which won't be too complex) and then the true test: the Dates (or hanging out with friends). But right now, we'll leave those at ease because they rely on the story, whereas the stats are relied upon from the story. So, I got to hop on the beginning of Akahana path, where you join her club. Along with that came a new CG you may all enjoy when you unlock it, and new character sprites. The following screenshot not only shows the new parts of the Akahana story and sprite, but the Stats HUD as well:

So, if you're a big time fan of the harem series in anime, or just fan service you could probably already tell what happened in this scene. But yep, that Akahana sprite signifies that all the characters now have their own respective "swimwear," or more formally "pantsu" sprites. And how about the new Stats HUD, huh? Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Other changes:
I have made a few small changes to the current things within the game, like the click sound. Remember in one of the post, I got hyped on the fact that there was a 'clock' sorta sound when you went to the next dialogue? Weelllll....that ended up interfering with the new Stats HUD and making all sounds just not work at all. So, I removed it (you can thank me now).

I also changed 'Start Game' in the main menu to 'Start New Game' because, well that's what that does.

That's it for now! We're enjoying all of the feedback everyone has for us, and make sure you help get our rank back within the top ten (maybe someone can de-throne the OP Pokemon Generations? haha xD )

Track this game for more updates, and thanks for reading!
~Jake of Paperviper

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