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WAGAKKIWA now has a shake effect, a new CG, and more!

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Hey there everyone! Jake here from Paperviper. I've got another WAGAKKIWA update today. While I was working on the beginning of the 'Akahana Path' I again decided to add another new feature: The Shake Effect. Basically, when the moment is right, this adds a cool sorta 'shake' to the entire screen. Originally, the idea came from Akahana herself; she always crashes into people and things, so I needed more than just a thud sound effect to exaggerate the feel. Here's an entire video I uploaded to the Paperviper YouTube channel:

Another thing I decided to do to make the first interactive scene with Akahana more fun is create a nice CG that displays Akahana and Hideo falling from their crash into one another (see the video for specifics).

Now! Onto the boring stuff: I've thrown together a developer manual or dev notes if you will in order to precisely remember my setup, functions, methods and more. I believe that once WAGAKKIWA is completely released (expected to be around the end of 2014) I will share the file on some website, maybe the Lemmasoft forums, so others can use the codes and methods from it.

As for future work: I'm going to focus on character design now. My artist that did the original characters is awfully quiet and hasn't replied to my emails, so I am re-making the characters by doing a side-by-side comparison. I've already done Hideo and Akahana, so there are only a few more. After I get the character's styles 100% done, I'm going to full steam ahead on Akahana's path: her's will definitely be the most complicated so I wanna get it complete first.

Anything else? I guess! Thanks to the wonderful Mugen Johncel (a.k.a UncleMugen) I now have day, evening, and night time cafe backgrounds so I can actually continue doing the Sora path as well! Make sure to check out UncleMugen's work: they're the epic human being who has contributed every single background piece of art to the game! Here's the cafe BG at night time:

That's it for now. Make sure to keep updated via the Paperviper Twitter and the WAGAKKIWA IndieDB page, and I'll see you next time!
~Jake of Paperviper.

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