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More character sprites (outfits), plus an update on the 'Dating-RPG'-ish element of the game and some more things with the website.

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Hello everyone, Jake here from Paperviper. Today, I have a moderately long update for everyone that may be enjoyable. So, let's delve right into it.

Update on the -RPGish segment:
So, as you know from the last update a lot of my time has been devoted to make this 'RPG-ish' segment in the game where you can choose what Hideo does with the rest of his day. Surprisingly, it's turned out well! The may part I look for as the programmer and writer while testing it is how it's integrated with the main story of the game, and I can say that is working well. So, I made a video to demonstrate it:

Now that I know that this part of the game is integrated the way it needs to be, I can happily finish the other 30-some scenes contained in it and be done (of course, after fixing all of it's tiny bugs, grammar/spelling errors, and more).

More Character Sprites:
If you may or may not know, the software of choice for character design in this game is a thing named ComiPo! It's very great, but it's not free so I have but out nearly $100 total on it to get you guys the best looking sprites for the game. Here are some new demonstrations of Hideo in his 'Casual' clothes:

DEVELOPER NOTE: I chose red, because it's awesome and my favorite color. Anyways, all of the character sprites will have casual clothes now as well (so that's a lot of designing to do on my part, it may take a couple of day) but Hideo, being the 'awesome' protagonist he is, will have two different types of casual clothing; the other one I will not be showcasing today. Lastly with the art; if you watched the provided video you may have spotted some of the new CGs, see if you can see what they are ;)

Donation Setup:
Firstly, this game is going to be done no matter what, and is going to be free no matter what. I will continue to pay what I have to to make sure the characters look good, the sound is good, and that you guys have a enjoyable experience with the game. There's no doubt about that.

But I am a poor guy, hence the 'Indie Developer' status, and I'd love to make this better. I've already known a few good music produces who charge a cheap price for some songs and they make great music, and I know people who can do wonders with art, programming, and more things. So, I've setup the option to let you guys donate; if you want to. You can donate any amount, and it all goes towards making the game better. And if I reach a certain amount of donations, there will be some very good extras. And whether I get donations or not, you will still have the game!

This isn't any Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, I just simply have a PayPal donate button on the front page of the website. If you want to donate, just go to wagakkiwa.paperviper.com. And I know I said this isn't some Kickstarter Campaign, but I don't want you guys to give up money and not get anything from it so on that same page you can see some of the 'rewards' donors get.

Please, do not let this make you lose interest in the game as it's only an optional thing I had placed on the site just incase people want to help make it better. I know many 'indie devs' do this just so they can have most of the money to themselves and a little bit towards their project, but I'm dead-set on delivering my first game to you guys in a great style with great content. Also, there is something marked in the donations foot notes that I want to discuss before I shove off.

Extra Stories in the Future:
Far after WAGAKKIWA has been officially released, I have decided to add a thing called 'Extra Story' Packs or basically DLC that will add onto your 'Extras' menu on your download of WAGAKKIWA. These stories won't contribute to the main story, but they will involve Hideo helping or not helping someone through some crazy adventure that packs your current game with even more Music and CG. I'm only around 70% sure on doing this, because they will be commercial. And by commercial, I mean around $1.50 to play it. But, speaking of it's commerciality, donors of a certain "Tier" will get the 'Extra Story Packs' for free.

That's it for now, make sure to Track this game and share it with friends (that's a BIG form of helping me out without needing to give money away!) and come back here for more pics, vids, and news on WAGAKKIWA! Thanks for reading!

~Jake of Paperviper


I must say this VN has graphics that are better than most Ren'Py engine games that I know of.

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SenpaiJake Author

Thanks :D

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