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Victoria II: Kaiserreich (Version 0.4 BETA) - RELEASED.

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Victoria II: Kaiserreich (Version 0.41) BETA
Well, firstly apologies for the day late release but I took the extra time to iron out a few problems and add in some last minute general gameplay features, which should make a nice addition.

Kaiserreich - The American Civil War (WIP)Kaiserreich - American Civil War (Canada)

There are a lot of new additions in Victoria II: Kaiserreich (V0.4), but don't fret, many of the game breaking issues have been addressed and resolved successfully. But, enough blabbering, check the 0.4 changelog either in your download (Which will appear shortly after this), or check my pastebin version below at:

And remember, if you encounter any issues please report them here. Work on 0.5 will commence shortly but I am also helping out a friend on his Great War Mod [HoD]:

I hope you find this version more engaging than 0.3, and if there are any game breaking bugs - god forbid - well, have patience and report them here though I probably deserve a slap for being incompetent and failing to remove them.

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