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Adds 12 new personalities, all with AI brain modifications.

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  • Added AIP Raider which prefers to use fast units
  • Added AIP Sniper which prefers to use long-range units
  • Added AIP Heavy which prefers to use armoured units
  • Added AIP Infernodier which prefers to use long-range and armoured units
  • Added AIP Micro which expands more cautiously
  • Added AIP All Terrain which prefers to use hover and amphibious units
  • Added AIP Ranked which prefers units used at the top of the ladder
  • Added AIP Boomer which likes to use a lot of Booms
  • Added AIP Artillery which likes to use static artillery and Catapults
  • Added AIP Nuker which likes to build nukes
  • Added AIP Fortress which likes to build defences
  • Added AIP Assault which prefers to use assault units
  • Mod is now TITANS only due to dependency on TITANS units
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