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In this update: new sprites, animation and rebalance.

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To the surprise of everyone (and even myself), Contra: Spirit of War Redux has been updated to version 1.5.0. This update mainly focuses on graphical changes, but also slightly changes the gameplay.

List of changes:

  • Some sprites from unlicensed games have been replaced with sprites from Super Contra and Life Force.

Updated enemies

  • Some sprites have been redrawn, additional animations or new frames have been added to some objects, the HUD has been updated.
  • Added crosshairs in direction lock mode (overhead levels).


  • Slightly changed the layout of the Waterfall level.
  • Reduced respawn time.
  • Fixed game balance. So, the power of Spread Gun and Triple Shot against bosses has been changed, some bosses have received new attacks, some dangers now take away all HP at once.
  • Updated text in the ending for all difficulties except hard.
  • The last three levels are not available on Easy now.
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