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Version 1.3.1 is out and is trying to fix the stacking issue mostly. It also added a new function to the editor.

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Version 1.3.1

  • Several changes were made in an effort to combat players intentionally stacking teams, unbalancing the game. These changes are:

1. All Skill-factor values and levels are hidden unless you are on a team
2. Once you join a team, you may not switch teams unless it is via the spawn queue prompt
3. If you do switch teams via the spawn queue prompt and stay until the end of the game, you are awarded an automatic win and 250 experience, regardless of the results of the match
4. Once you spawn as a spectator you cannot join a team. You must wait for the next map to join a team.


  • Increased movement speed for walking and sprinting backwards

  • Increased straffing movement and sprinting speeds to be equal to player speed when walking and sprinting forward

  • Slightly increased stamina regeneration rates while idle and walking

  • Legionnaire's bash ability damage increased from 60-80 to 80-100. Stun duration decreased from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds

  • Malphas can no longer be "pushed" by melee abilities that have knock back (this includes tempest push back ability)

  • Predator's venomous strike will now apply the damage over time for 8 seconds for 8 damage per second, up from 4.5 damage per second for 10 seconds


  • Polymorph ability will now correctly disable the skills of the player using the spell, rather than the target player

  • Fixed issue that was causing the doors in the tutorial to allow players to pass through them

  • Fixed issue that was causing the "Waiting for # more players" message to report the wrong number for spectators

  • The average SF field has been fixed for the in-game scoreboard, it should now report accurately

  • Fixed the "promote officer" button not appearing for commanders in the game lobby during game setup

  • Fixed a bug causing observers to spawn in the corner of the map instead of the center when in warmup

  • Fixed a bug where TAB screen would not open for observers

  • Fixed a few miscellaneous crashes

  • Fixed an issue where steam turrets would ignore storm shield and still cause damage

  • Fixed some issues with pet AI, should help with them correctly randomizing attacks

  • Replays will now ignore max connected clients and passwords when starting up the replay

  • Fixed some missing textures in the model viewer


  • Added g_allowTeamChange, which determines if players are allowed to switch teams after the game starts - defaults to false
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