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March 20th, 2009, Version 1.058 is ready for download. This update adds the following fixes and additions.

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March 20th, 2009
Version 1.058 is ready for download. This update adds the following:

- Ship template system added, ship designs can now be saved and retrieved later.
- Station hangars added, allowing players to store ships and cargo in private hangars.
- Players can now scroll the nav map sector by sector while zoomed in using new arrow buttons.
- Support for multiple control devices added (up to 10 separate devices are supported).
- Legacy texture option added to better support laptops with integrated video systems.
- Clan/squad ship locations are now displayed on the nav map in multiplayer.
- You can now disable automatic inventory console activation when docking.
- Smoother movement for left/right panning view control.
- Control of player proximity added to server program.
- Ability to link to multiple clan/squad groups added.
- Planet rings are now rendered with higher quality.
- Background star detail and variety improved.
- Docking lights added to warp gates.
- Multiplayer performance improved.
- Patrol waypoint limits increased.
- Faster loading sequence.
- Minor bug fixes.

The game now supports Saitek rudder pedals along with many other secondary control devices. The instructions included with the game provide information on the new control options in addition to the new gameplay options. Also, I plan to offer one or more training flights for new players interested in trying out multiplayer and who may have questions about gameplay or options. An announcement will be posted in advance and players who subscribe to the multiplayer notification thread will receive an e-mail when the announcement is posted. Details are available in the forum at this link:Starwraith.com

Note: When you update to this build, you will likely need to reconfigure your control device using the new system.

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