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The third update for Alternate Worlds, hopefully one of the last updated before the game ends closed Alpha testing and becomes open for testing by players on BYOND who have expressed interest in the game and asked to be a part of testing.

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Added: Jumping as a method of getting around, allowing you to jump over cliffs and low walls.
Added: Falling to go with jumping, landing on a surface that you can't stand on causes you to fall down until you reach the ground.
Added: Swimming as a method of getting around, allowing you to transverse depths of water.
Added: GUI to better represent a characters vital statistics.
Added: Portraits for characters, displayed in the top left corner and in character profiles.
Added: More clothing options.
Added: OOC badges depending on Gender and BYOND Membership.
Added: A soundtrack to add a darker atmosphere to the games.
Added: Sound effects to make the game more immersing.
Added: More variants with trees and grass.

Fixed: Particle and Emitter efficiency.
Fixed: Some issues with character creation and made the process more responsive.

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