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Small update allowing you to play as Miyoshi family.

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Hey there,

so after some time, there is another small update, adding releasable Miyoshi family.

Miyoshi are realeased through event firing around year 1550 when you are playing as Hosokawa. Miyoshi will get their own set of ideas and will be released as a daimyo of Ashikaga in the Awa province (unfortunatelly, there is no mechanic allowing daimyo having vassals, so Miyoshi had to go with Ashikaga).

It also appears that old paradox event with Nagayoshi assuming control of Hosokawa still might happend so if you encounter it, please let me know.

Now for other issues addresed in previous release.

- it appears that you will get vanilla samurai model even when you release paradox-made releasable daimyo. So for now we should probably get used to it, but i will definitely work on improvement.

- Akechi flag also still remains the same because i failed to find skilled graphic to edit it.

- I tried to correct my English in event text to sound it more naturally, so you can check it by yourself.

So thats for todays update, so see you when Ukita are released.

I would also be happy for any feedback from you. And if you would like to give some help with development of this mod, please let me know.

See you for now

AriKeri (previously known as Dragonus)

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