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Today new version adding playable Akechi Mitsuhide is out.

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Hello everyone,

so after some time, the new version that allows you to play as Akechi Mitsuhide is out.

You are allowed to form Akechi as a succesors of Oda via event called "Incident at Honnoji". Akechi is led by Akechi Mitsuhide (4/4/6) with weak claim on the throne of Oda, but with unique idea set.

Differently from the previous version, Toyotomi clan is now also formable only via this event but its stats and ideas remained almost the same (Toyotomi bureaucracy now gives 1 more possible advisor).

The event will fire only once between 1450 and 1550 and to be able to fire it, you must hold Kyoto. There is also a possibility of staying true to the Oda clan, so no worries if you dont want to play as usurpers at the moment.

There are some issues that are known to me and I will work on fixing them till next version.

Mainly it is problem with English descriptions. Unfortunately, my level of English is still kind of low so English in descriptions might sound weird, but i plan to improve this by consulting with more advanced speakers and native speakers.

The second issue is with graphics of newly formed nations. When you change to either Akechi or Toyotomi you will get really ugly model of samurai-ish warrior and you are unable to swich to these nice looking models of other clans. I definitely plan to look on it to improve the experience.

There is also a little problem with Akechi flag but fortunatelly for now, they can use Toki flag which is identical. But i plan to change it in the future to be more distinctive.

So lastly some words about next version, as I mentioned in my first announcement, I plan to add some more clans and for the next update it will be Miyoshi clan which caused a lot of disturbance in Kansai region by taking control of the Hosokawa clan and even killing the shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru.

After Miyoshi there will be Ukita. I also plan to remake the north part of Japan which, in many of my plays, is controlled either by Uesugi or Nanbu, so I think they could use some little nerf.

So I guess thats it for now, thank you for your support and please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the mod.

See you for now


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