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Vektor Prix is back. Huge changes have been made to the rendering engine.

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Vektor Prix is back. The past few weeks I've been working in relative silence due to most of the changes not being very visual. First off, I've finally resolved the last bit of network stutter. It took awhile to track this bug down, but the server and client were fighting over the position of other clients. This has been fixed, and now things are silky smooth (for the most part, heh).

Huge changes have been made to the rendering engine. I noticed a slight stutter every ten seconds or so when I had VSync on. I downloaded tools to analyze my code, and optimized everything that was taking up too much time. Yet, the problem remained. After some research, I discovered that I was unable to get true VSync in window mode. Thus, I figured out a way to pipe the graphics through an old version of DirectX in full screen. The visual stutter has finally been eliminated.

I finally have performance right where I want it, and can focus on the actual game again. So I've been changing and adding lots of sounds, I improved the crashing-into-angled-wall-physics, made the easy mode easier, and generally just polishing everything I can.

I've also been trying to make the engine easier to work with. It now reads 3d OBJ model line colors correctly, I no longer have to input each color value manually. Adding 3d models into the game has become a few orders of magnitude easier.

Stay tuned, more coming soon!

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