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Black Shark Studios V4 has been released from testing and bugfinding. V4 is a new site after V1, V2, and V3. This is a great new chapter in Black Shark Studios... VC. Now being Black Shark Studios VC. Much has happened since a few months ago when we went into hibernation lol.

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Hello everyone!
Black Shark Studios and all its staff are very excited to announce a new chapter in the company. Black Shark Studios is having several improvements and additions. From Servers to Hosting to Webdesign. We are very excited that for once (>_>) We have begun a major improvement. Since it is needed that this article is organised I will organise it in order

We've begun with making a new site a few months ago, The original website was too dull and plain. We had decided to make a colourful addition by replacing the website with a new colourful blue website. The website also had tons of HTML snippets called 'Modules' which add functionality to the website. This is the beginning of a great beginning I know, Doesnt make sense ;/

View the new site HERE :)

After the site was (somewhat) finished Black Shark Studios and I decided to buy 25 new servers to host the website, And other websites too. With that the bssN Server project went into full gear and we went onto saving money to purchase them. The reason for that many servers is to host what ModDB is known for, Mods. For free. Instead of going to freewebs or some free company such as that, why not get real hosting where you can do FTP, Cpanel ect... Simply it is quite a big project. The servers are expected to be up and running by the end of summer.

BSSM. Stands for BlackSharkStudiosMobile. Well the name should say it all. Black Shark Studios is going mobile, (Not literally). We will be making a seperate site dedicated to making it easier for Mobile Phone and iPod users to browse easier. This is not so big, But requires lots of knowledge of PhP/HTML.

Lastly for short we have a new mod Lead by Carnage18. It is called Cold War Conflict: The war of the future. It is Hosted here

That is it for this mega update, Thanks for reading! :D
Visit us at www.BlackSharkStudios.com

-Jonathan "22395" Lett

<iframe src="http://www.blacksharkstudios.com/" name="Black Shark Studios" scrolling="auto" frameborder="no" align="center" height = "500px" width = "600px">

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