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v2.1.1.9 addresses the last of the known bugs in the game...

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Changes and Fixes:
- Added an option to enable/disable the Autosave feature
- Fixed the fmod engine not updating after channels are closed/disposed before being reused (this was a fix for the crashing during combat)
- Fixed a bug with combat continuing in the background after killing the boss and reaching the "Victory" screen
- Fixed a bug with the "Victory" screen not advancing to the "Credits" screen and returning to the "Title" screen
- Added a black transparent background to the stats and resources during gameplay to make them easier to read during daytime (credit to marcofilipemartins for the suggestion!)
- Re-added all resolutions
- Fixed the display of the floors monsters are located on in the Infobank
- Made the Infobank only display monsters that are presently in that game's dungeon (i.e. only the boss in that current dungeon is listed)
- Hopefully fixed the xml parsing bug

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