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Its spooky season! Tis the season for a new version of Quarantine 2!

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This update brings a lot of new visual changes. I finally broke down and purchased a pixel art asset package to help with some of the art load, as I'm mostly a programmer and I've found quite a lot of my time being spent towards creating art instead.

zombiecity screenie1

There will be occasional clashes between the two art styles, but over time I'll slowly edit and merge the new art to fit a little better. Zombie icons have also seen an update, and now feature clothes, hair, and changing genders.

zombies screenieDialog

Campaign maps, also known as A to B game modes, now feature a radio dialog that outputs to all players. This adds a bit of immersion and lore to the games atmosphere. Loot will now randomly spawn throughout the maps instead of in static locations, and the higher the difficulty the less loot will spawn!

Speaking of campaign maps, a new one has been added entitled, "Deconstruction".

A lot of changes have went under the hood of previous systems, including weapon targeting when selecting which enemy to fire upon, and shuffling targets now shuffles between the two closest targets. Zombie AI has seen yet another vast improvement; zeds are smarter about picking paths towards players, and less likely to get stuck. However, occasionally the zombies will still get stuck, but they are zombies!


Special AI will be more challenging to defeat as Spitter's are more intelligent about hitting players with acid, and the Boomers charge is almost impossible to dodge. Players are now temporarily frozen when hit by Boomer bile! Doomer's have an increased range when attacking, and will knock players back a considerable distance. Large groups of players will cause the Doomer to flee and regroup.

Other than that, the game has seen over all balancing and various background bug fixes/runtime errors.

Next on the list, I'd really like to improve the EXE handler. Hopefully with the game coming to a more consistantly stable version I can start eyeing a steam release. But gameplay-wise, the plan is to start working on a "final" boss players can fight against.

You can download and play Quarantine 2, completely free; Here!

- Campaign Dialog!
- A to B maps now feature Radio dialog that outputs to players, adding to the immersion and lore of the universe.
- Vast array of new art assets!
- On "A to B" maps; interactive objects/loot now randomly spawn throughout the map
- The higher the difficulty - the less likely loot will spawn
- New A to B map, "Deconstruction"
- Zombie icons have been updated(now have clothes, change gender, change hair)
- Implemented color matrix system- hair colors are generated dynamically
- Weapon targeting system improved/Including Shuffle targets
- Damage ping improved
- Zombie AI improved
- Zombies are smarter about picking paths towards players/less likely to get stuck(still occasionally happens, they're zombies!)
- Special AI slightly improved
Spitters are more intelligent about hitting players with acid
Boomers charge effect improved(almost impossible to dodge!)
- Charge distance is now based upon distance of player and boomer
- Players are now temp frozen when hit by boomer explosion
Increased attack range for Doomers
- Doomers will now flee if facing against multiple players!
- Doomers attack will now knock back players a considerable distance
- Overall game balancing!
- Weapon stats have been lowered
- Chance for ammo drops more likely
- Zombie health increased
- Increased range and time for fire crackers
- Overlay display not adjusting properly
- Background obj's icon disappearing
- Zombie death animations due to hair/clothing additions

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