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A new update is out. This patch adds a peaceful mode as well as a number of bug fixes.

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A new update is out. This patch adds a peaceful mode as well as a number of bug fixes. Here is a look at the changelog for this update as well as the previous updates in case you missed them on the forums:

Version 0.8.3General:

  • Peaceful mode option when creating a new world
  • Underground enemies no longer spawn in areas that don't have access to gnomes (ie no surprise monster closets)
  • Temporarily disabled rain
  • Right click cancels selection. Clicking again cancels action.
  • Holding shift while selecting locks the selection to the same plane
  • Dig ramp down selection is always locked to the same plane
  • Reduced audio file size


  • Added item tiles for pickaxe, felling axe, sword, hand axe, hammer and shield
  • Added equipped shield and hand axe
  • Added wood door, stone door, bandage, statuette and commemorative coin tiles
  • Updated wheat and strawberry

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash on alt tab and other windows drawing on top of the game window
  • Crash when a goblin dodges a trap
  • Crash when characters are missing in text
  • Crash with loading equipped items and resaving
  • Crash trying to butcher corpses that have decayed
  • Conflict when generating new nav graph IDs after loading a game
  • Bug when loading items that were created from butchering
  • Gnomes trying to use items they didn't have access to and no longer working
  • Items sometimes being on a different cell than it thinks
  • Digging stairs down on top of a mine job eventually mined out the stairs
  • Spawning golems of all material types instead of 1 random


  • Adjusted pathfinding to have more natural paths in special cases
  • Moved crash log to My Documents\My Games\Gnomoria


  • Updated bar

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash when switching between window/fullscreen
  • Crash when a gnome passes out while on the way to their bed
  • Occasional multithreaded save crash
  • Gnomes sometimes getting stuck and not performing their job
  • Personal quarters showing the wrong owner name

Version 0.8.2General:

  • Show profession in squad list
  • Indicate gnomes that are in squads with "(S)"
  • Added a version number to main menu
  • Added a max unhappiness level


  • Added hide
  • Added wheat
  • Added egg
  • Added meat
  • Added bread
  • Added sausage
  • Added sandwich
  • Added milk
  • Added wine
  • Added beer
  • Added bone
  • Added skull
  • Added loom
  • Added torch
  • Updated blood
  • Updated yak
  • Updated decorative stone wall/floor
  • Updated plank wall/floor
  • Updated desk

Bug Fixes:

  • Save files sometimes corrupting when saving multiple times without exiting
  • Crash when mining around a door
  • Crash on load when no uniform was set
  • Unhappy gnomes were becoming increasingly unhappy over time
  • Gnomes refusing to work from unhappiness earlier than they were supposed to
  • Added jewelry items to stock settings
  • Mispelled sapphire

Version 0.8.1General:

  • Original save file is preserved in the event of a crash while saving
  • Dig Ramp Down and Dig Stairs Down can now be performed when a wall is present
  • Dig Ramp Down is now an area select action
  • Default priority for workshops, farms, pastures and stockpiles is now 5
  • Kingdom and gnome names can now be manually edited
  • Personal Quarters gnome list now shows number of assigned rooms for each gnome
  • Increased the drop down list size for the personal quarters gnome list
  • Added a save without exiting button to the ESC menu
  • Renamed "floodgate" to "mechanical wall"


  • Updated plank wall
  • Added crate
  • Added barrel
  • Added bag
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Crash on startup when no audio device is present
  • Crash when canceling butcher jobs
  • Crash on load when a squad didn't have a formation set
  • Crash when copying (ctrl+C) text in a text box
  • Armor destroyed in combat causing save crashes
  • File access with default.png requiring administrator access
  • Key bindings not saving to settings.ini
  • Issue with creating coal from logs
  • Gnomes starting workshop jobs before all ingredients are available
  • Creating a designation on top of a conflicting job
  • Assigning personal quarters to the last gnome in the list having no effect
  • Some floors drawing on top of walls
  • Triggering bookmarks while typing in a text box

Woo, fixes and art :D
Great job Bob!

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So like a fully graphical version of Dwarf Fortress? Yes please!

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