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Discouraged Workers V has been updated on the many distribution platforms! And the Steam Summer Picnic Sale has luanched!

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Greeting! I am Lee Yunseok, creator of YGGDRASIL STUDIO.

Discouraged Workers has been updated on our many distribution platforms,

also the Steam Summer Picnic Sale has launched!

Changed on V Major Update

  • Added: Check for epilepsy friendly in the first run.
  • Added: Save names for Bookmarks.
  • Added: Reset function for Text speed to the Configuration.
  • Added: Transitions option to the Configuration.
  • Added: Epilepsy friendly option to the Configuration.
  • Added: Keymaps screens to the Configuration.
  • Added: Calls the save confirm screen before an important scene.
  • Added: More basic controller support(26 Linux, 8 Mac, 11 Windows).
  • Added: Additional information for Archives>Concept>Bridge of the Life.
  • Added: Additional information for Archives>Concept>Discouraged Worker in Korean.
  • Fixed: Replaced all screens layout.
  • Fixed: Replaced in-game layout.
  • Fixed: Replaced Slap sound effect.
  • Fixed: Parted some dialogues.
  • Fixed: Korean translation of some system messages.
  • Fixed: Controller bindings.
  • Fixed: Update manuals.
  • Removed: Second image of the Self-inflicted gallery.
  • Removed: Patch for Epilepsy Patients.
  • Removed: Old unused code.


The sale information is as follows:

We also have a TEEN version.

Download Demo

If you want to play the demo, please download via IndieDB.

Thank you for read this article. The OUYA build will update soon!

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