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This is just some minor updates on the game. It will tell you about an upcoming BETA and a change of distribution platform.

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As the game has been in development for over a month, I have felt that there is enough content to offer a BETA download. The download will be available to everybody but the download will only be available for a week. The BETA version will allow you to see what has been worked on, and tall me what you don't like about the game. The BETA will not have the multiplayer version, as no work has begun on this area. The BETA won't be close to the final game, only containing a few features of the final project. Here is a list of the features in the BETA:

- Build up cities

- Attack Enemy Cities

- Build up army's

- Defeat enemy AI

- Build alliances

- Basic diplomacy

More information on the BETA will be available soon.


Originally, the game was going to be released on IndieDB, but I have decided to release it on Itch.io. This is because I have a lot more control over the release, and I can have some better download statistics. I have also chosen Itch.io because in the future, my games will cost and you can't charge people on IndieDB.

This is all the information for now, there will be a dev update out soon but it may take a while as progress is slowing. Progress is slowing because I am hitting a few hurdles, and it is causing me to take a step back and do more research. I will also be taking a week away from development because I have been working very hard.



Sooo, where is the beta?

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_Kgboi Author

Well sadly some issues have arrived. I am posting an article about these now so when it is live you can get more info.

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Okay, take your time, but don't forget the game and your fans!

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