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After a long time without any kind of updates there's a new version!

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I know it's been a long time since the last update on here, but development continues.
So, here's the news:
There is a new version available (Yeah, I know I'm a bit too late to post this here...)

Manic Digger 2014-02-01
This release adds a lot of new features on top of the last releases.
Most notable is the new AutoCamera Mod that allows native recording of timelapses in the game!
You can view a list of available commands by typing .cam into the chat.

Full Changelog:

  • Fixed Apple transparency
  • Changed default model. Added support for hats. Made by cybrminer7
  • Fixed door and TNT IDs which caused display issues
  • Fixed server console crash on Windows
  • Added HTTP server to Manic Digger (allows display of Mod-defined webpages)
  • Added possibility of Javascript modding
  • Added .reconnect command. Pressing F6 when disconnected from a server will reconnect you.
  • Added Lava screen color when swimming in Lava
  • Fixed restart interval for automatic restarts
  • Server now sends current gamemode to serverlist (instead of always "Fortress")
  • New functions in Mod API. ServerClient Class is now exposed (allowing group changes by mods)
  • Fixed stair display in War Mod
  • Fixes some gameplay issues in War Mod
  • Improved installer (added custom images)
  • Modified PlayerList.cs to show rank names and colors
  • Fixed crash when displaying unknown block in inventory
  • Disabled Fluid.cs for performance reasons
  • Added AutoCamera client mod. Try .cam to get a command list
  • Fixed water display issue (still minor rendering bug)
  • Fixed flying upwards in unloaded chunks
  • Fixed HalfStair and Rail display when a solid block is above
  • Made "Nice" font the default one
  • Changed default resolution to 1280x720
  • Fixed some crashes

For a list of more changes, check this page.

I'll try to keep the downloads here updated but you can always find the newest version either on Sourceforge or GitHub.

Also, check out the Forum. There's a lot of cool Mods to be found there.
This is the place where you can post your ideas and suggestions for the game.
Found a bug? Have an idea for a cool new feature? Post it on the forum, feedback is always welcome.

If you're interested in joining development of Manic Digger, have a look at the GitHub repository.


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