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Just uploaded the latest update for WW1 mod, v0.4. got it working as a mod instead of just having to paste all the contents over the folder.

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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Now that Their Finest Hour and the latest patches have been released I have less to worry about. Just uploaded the latest update for WW1 mod, v0.4. got it working as a mod instead of just having to paste all the contents over the folder.

-Reduced number of unchanged vanilla files included in the patch to reduce size (e.g. GFX)
-Included mod file to allow for easier install/uninstall
-Included battleplans folder and settings for TFH compatibility
-Included CGM bookmark
-replaced defines.lua with vanilla TFH. This will need to be updated during balancing
-added extra loading screen since TFH uses 6
-changed the names of 4 provinces so that the TFH map worked correctly:
-2272 Styr
-2702 Drohobycz
-2769 Stanislawow
-4390 Vladivostok
-changed core.gfx and temp_frontend.gfx to TFH versions. Modified loadscreen fontsize back to 16 so text fits nicely in boxes
-Changed script files to use TFH Luas.
-made some edits for balance
-Added TFH style caps to technology files, so max level = 12 for all techs
-Added armor/piercing stats to units from vanilla TFH
-Added unit groups to units for new combined arms mechanics
-Added Repaircostmultiplier to all units, using TFH default of 0.05
-Reworked technology tab
-Removed all WW2 techs
-Added Airships and chemical weapons
-Changed years on armor and air techs to get an air war started about on time
-Added unlocking techs for armored cars, anti tank and anti air brigades
-Added Stormtroopers in place of WSS
-Replaced Armored cars with TFH version, having them as a full strength battalion was causing problems for AI
-Made ITA-OTT and balkan wars more reliable
-4.02 invasion AI means ITA OTT can get very messy indeed, so time limited the war and added events to clean up afterwards (ENG give military access to stop trapped units)
-Made the wars a little easier to win to help stop things going too wrong - most people will want WW1 to happen as normal
-Added 25 day dig in cap in place of fort changes... seems to be working and giving relatively stable fronts without gridlock in east/balkan/middle east fronts
-Moves AUH to start in C.Powers

v0.2 changes
-Added Special Forces for TUR, AUH
-Added some Historic battleplans for GER and RUS - thanks to Kadanz
-ENG and special forces model GFX - thanks to Kadanz
-Leaders updated - thanks to Adige
-Provided contingencies in case historical chain of events does not fire, ITA-Ott, 1st & second Balkan wars can now be won by either side and war will still trigger
-Remove all trace of Nukes/Radar
-Add SOV as core to RUS provinces (for Russian Revolution)
-Added Rasputin and abdication events as triggers for RUS revolution
-Added non-conquest route to Rus Revolution
-Added Russian Civil War
-updated map to have history up to 1/1/1914
-Rebalanced manpower on map - GER no longer has infinite manpower (offset by ability to knock RUS out earlier)
-Fixed Covert Ops bug
-Rebalanced units, and tech

v0.3a changes
-changed some event-based war entry to encourage influence misson (e.g. ROM, BUL, ITA)
-Tech pics+interface gfx... eye candy - tech pics thanks to balduwin
-Made sure OOBs are consistent with starting technology
-Fixed bug where TUR kept on getting kicked from WW1 if it won first ottoman... Serbia kept firing the truce event from first balkan
-Fixed bug that 2 minister traits had the same effect
-reduced all airfields and air defenses to level 2 max... not many large airfields in 1910, so if they are needed they will need to be built
-slowed invasions to 96 hours for standard transport, and slightly faster than this for higher techs
-reduced world oil production to 25% of WW2 levels, much less oil is available and needed.

v0.3b changes
-Increased AUH base IC
-Removed the last of the WW2 units - mainly to make the stats pages neater
-removed Inf->Engineer "upgrade"
-Allowed Total Economic Mobilisation from 1916

v0.4.0 changes
-Added 1914 Scenario
-Added historic leaders+pics
-Added historic ministers+pic+events to fix the heads of state historically
-Changed laws back to vanilla, the old ones were too unbalancing (unit recruit time -25%.. which the player gets but the AI can't...)
-Changed dig-in to 5% for 10 days, the AI was moving its troops too often to get benefit from the 25 days cap
-finished the GFX... any WW2 pics apart from models should be reported to me as bugs now
-added unit names which should be vaguely historical
-Triple Alliance (ITA, AUH, GER) now exists, but Italy will leave by event at the outbreak of war. human italy can decide differently however.
-went back to vanilla TFH map in terms of province names (I know russia looks odd since it has communist era names, but the names didn't line up properly otherwise) and also infrastructure and ports
-rebalanced units based on MP game. the base brigade size has been changed to 5000 to give more sensible army sizes. Armor has been changed to support since historically no division size units existed. many brigades now have combat width 1.5
-played a little bit with AI, just stuff like don't break triple alliance before time etc. nothing major and more work is needed
-restriced numbers of elite/special forces
-made spearhead doctrine apply only to special forces (since armor had 0 width now anyway)
-various other tweaks
-relabelled escort carriers as seaplane tenders (check out france 1914 starting Navy... Foudre )
-added models for UK, GER, FRA(half done).. some others, but need sorting out)
-changed russian civil war to spawn white russia rather than russian empire
-added wargoals for c.powers and t.entente

v0.4.1 changes
-fixed Russian infrastructure bug
-included more German models (thanks Kadanz )

v0.4.2 changes
-fixed up arabian peninsula and added Arab revolt
-fine tuning of Ottoman, party names, renamed elites, added greek claims (thx to daniloy)
-Added Irish Easter Rising
-Added first draft of many model pics/names
-Added France Wargoal-fixed so wargoals end wars
-included some skins
-reworked MP and IC based of historical
-Went back to vanilla map in terms of resources, but with a reduction in total resources in line with overall lower IC in game
-reworked AI production
-reworked naval OOBs
-added poison gas and dreadnought techs
-various small fixes thanks to daniloy
-included small test scenario based on spring offensive
-reworked 1910 russian OOB with help from Trevor Tillack
To list:
-Add historic battleplans for major offensives


-Possible rebalancing required

Decisions & Events
-Some tidying and expanding on text
-Add more flavour events and depth here
-mexican revolution
-Finnish civil war
-polish soviet war

-Model pics still may need a little work

-should be nearly done.


-Possible rebalancing required
-Add historical models

-Add other languages
-Write descriptions for new techs
-Tech model names



-Germany will suicide it's convoys to supply colonies
-UK defends britain and doesn't attack in europe
-More refinement needed, but should be better now

It's up now, enjoy guys!

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