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Another post regarding release, marketing, and all that jazz.

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Okay, so. Two days away from launch. How are things going, you might ask?

Quite well, in fact! Quite well indeed. We're making serious headway on stability and are making daily improvements that are very exciting (at least to me). What is the bad news, you might ask? Well, there is none, but one never makes a post like this without adding some kind of inconvenient rider on the end.

Truth is, although we're going to be ready to go on the 29th, our marketing isn't. The publisher is taking full responsibility on that one. We need to gear up for a proper launch push, and we need more than a few days to do it. However, we also don't want to keep you waiting forever, whether you've just discovered TNW or have been sticking with us for a while. So we decided on a compromise.

One week. That's all we're allowing ourselves. The 7th of March is when we're making our stand, because breaking promises is not our style and never will be.

We hope to see you then.

RyanSpanAvatar- Ryan Span, Illuminated Games

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