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Post news RSS Update - 2D sprites, artwork and character details.

New 2D sprites, artworks and character biographies and their gameplay details.

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Project DarkEnd is making progress. New artworks, and 2D sprites are added.

Here are the newly made custom sprites for our four heroes!
Griselda the necromagus, Xia the Primagus, Lucion the Knight Templar and Svas the Blood Hunter.


Character Details


Name: Griselda, The Necromagus.
Age: 28
A mysterious so-called Necromagus with the ability to harness dark ether. Very skeptical and heartless. She is extremely self-centered and thinks the world itself revolts around her. What might have caused her to become such a beautiful beast?

The Necromagus has the ability to control the Dark Ether. She has decent melee skills as well as devastating powerful dark magic. Her main ability is to summon fell beasts and control them as she will it.


Name : Xia, the primagus
Age : 17
A young magus with extraordinary magical prowess, hailed by the East Heaven
Kingdom. Her innocent and young exterior hides the foreboding shadow and
dark past lurking in her eyes.

The Primagus
has the highest magic potential of all four heroes. Her mastery over the prime elements (Fire, Ice and lightning) allows her to use earth shattering spells.


Lucion, the Knight Templar
Age: 23
A hardened Knight Templar with unrivaled mastery over the art of war. Said to have came from the Dukedom of Remini, wielding the God-blade Lorelei, currently rusted and useless. A true knight of gentle spirit, or is he really what he seems like?

The Knight Templar can use the most powerful melee weapons as well as ability to equip the heavy armours. He can learn powerful melee skill to blast enemies and some healing and defensive spells. A true walking tank!


Age: 35
A legendary blood hunter of the Reglr Empire, transformed into a psuedo-vampire like creature by means of magick. Dutiful, bold and not hesitant to end anyone's life if he/she dared to come in his way.

The Blood Hunter
is a master assassin, superb long ranger and a powerful anti-magic unit. He can use various tool such as stun bomb, to disable the enemies. Can also use forbidden branch of magic called blood art to reinforce himself with various buff, while damaging/disabling the enemies.

That's all folks

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