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Post news RSS Update 29: happy 4th of July!

In this update we celebrate freedom in our very own way. Also we finally have a Kickstarter launch date :D

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Welcome back to another update everybody!

And a very happy Independence Day to our American friends! Here’s our very own 4th of July BBQ to celebrate freedom :)

User Posted Image

This week we’re looking back on the past month or so, which has been extremely productive. In this time we have gone from a single demo level and a bunch of concept drawings to a fully fleshed game world with 5 new unique tilesets and counting!

User Posted Image

And in other big news (at least for us ^_^’), we now have a set date for the start of our Kickstarter campaign: we will be launching on Monday August 3rd!

To drum up some badly needed awareness for our campaign, we will also be posting a daily countdown gif or image through our twitter @tower57devlog until the start of the campaign. And of course for those who want more detailed updates, there is always the mailing list over at Eepurl.com

And finally in slightly sadder news, next week’s update will probably be our last until the start of the campaign, as we re-focus all our efforts on polishing the trailer, the Kickstarter landing page, the perks, the stretch goals, contacting you-tubers, press, preparing campaign updates, and a hundred more little things (for those of you who might be interested in that kind of stuff, there is always the mailing list of course).

Fear not however, we’ll go out with a bang ;)

Have a great week-end everybody!


Isn't the CLUB sign a mixture of astrology signs for Jupiter and Venus?

Oh and I am writing on my TODO list for August 3rd "back Tower57 at Kickstarter" :)

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benitosub Author

Not sure about the sign, Cyangmou designed it, but I wouldn't be surprised =D

And thanks! That would officially make you our first backer ^-^

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the sign is actually the sign for "Amor" or "Cupido" - so the name of the club would be "Club Amore"
It's a secret what kind of establishment it is ;)

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