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The beta is now open! Download the game now! Play live games, play asynchronous, play single player, collect cards, build decks and defeat your friends in epic card battles! Download free for PC/Mac and Android and play on the go!

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Open Beta Released!

The beta has been released and we're so super excited about it! Come join the league of wizards and show them how those cards are flicked to the arena!

MAC Windows
Major League Wizardry for Mac Major League Wizardry for Windows

Watch the teaser trailer below:

So what can I do in the beta?

You can fight other wizards in cross-platform, fast-paced, spell-flinging, action-filled card battles! You get new cards as you win matches, expand your collection and refine your deck. You play as either Frost, Fire, Poison or Lightning against random or friends.

Choose a game mode that fits you; on the go? play asynchronous "send-a-turn" battles on your Android device - you can have as many going at the same time as you want. At home? Play Live battles against your friends or randoms. No one online or feel like taking it slow? Play against the perfectly imbalanced AI and refine your strategy and skills!

It all started out as a dream...

about bringing a simple, fun and incredibly awesome Trading Card Game to the mobile platform. We really want to keep on developing this game and bringing fun and engaging content to the players. We hope - with your help! - that we can reach this goal!

Support our community

We would be eternally grateful if you play the game and support our community - follow us on twitter, facebook, indieDB, Steam whatever platform suits you really. No matter how you show your support - we owe you one ;)

Tell me a little bit more about the story!

Well certainly! But you could also head over to our Blog and read what we do. But basically, we've been working on this game for almost a year now - and we're having a blast! This has been the most fun and exciting journey ever, and it's a journey that will hopefully continue for a long time to come! We've summed some of the development in this small picture :)

We look forward to battle you in the arena, and thank you so much for your support!


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