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So update brings changes and some improves here we go:

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So update brings changes and some improves here we go:



-For now format of dargon spawn will be 2x1 (1 Melee,1 Commander,1 Range).


-Increased bounty for melee dargon from 40 to 50 gold coins.

-Increased bounty for range dargon from 40 to 45 gold coins and from 50 to 55 silver coins.

-Increased bounty for dargon commander from 50 to 60 gold coins and silver coins.

-Increased extra XP from killed dargon commander from 10 to 15.


-Molly model has updated.

-Trixie model has updated.


-Dark Crystal cast range increased from 500 to 570.

-Red's,Blue's,Green's Flock,Painful Injury cast range increased from 570 to 600.

-Spark of Lightning damage increased from 160 to 270 and cast range increased from 560 to 570.

-Fortification tower heal increased from 60 to 100.

-Ward Assistant duration of ward increased from 120 to 150 seconds.

-Painful Injury's armor reduction increased from 22 to 30.


-Reworked Passive (Cursed Axe).
Your next attack spell will penetrate Defence,Physical,Magic resist by 20%\40%.

Also i worked over LW Server so wait upcoming news about this.

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