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Rifts of Nexia Update 1.2 this update has a focus on the settlement of Zenith

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WIP a lot of the assets that you see are a work in progress and a subject to change and will most likely be different in the final project. as well as a lot of the events are invisible.

Update 1.2 Zenith.

Update 1.2 has a focus around the settlement of Zenith show how big the small settlement is what is has located inside of Zenith and just a bunch of other stuff focusing on the settlement of Zenith

Zenith Path.

These are the Two paths to Zenith the final two paths into Zenith from the intersection that splits into the farming area. These two path don't have anything to special about them besides have a few secrets that the play will have to find by them selves or reading it a book that could lead to so pretty good loot or more problems. the top image is the last path into Zenith and as you can see at the bottom of the top image there is a little secret that is tied to a side quest that might be a challenge for some players.

Zenith EntraceRoad to Zenith


This is the settlement that has been mentioned the most Zenith being the largest settlement in the area the Nexian Empire named the region Zenith.

In the middle of Zenith is the Town hall it is where all the people that hold power in Zenith meet pretty much anyone in Zenith that currently owns land, they discuss important matter such as moving of land and prices but this is just a front so that the civilians of Zenith don't complain that they don't have an opinion but in reality the town hall actual has a second floor under the town hall this is where the council meets, The council consists of 4-5 members being the mayor of Zenith, The General in charge, The Mining Captain, The Dockmaster and sometime The Father at the Church of Zander .The Council discussing all the important matter that concern the safety of the town, the income and crimes caused. Outside of the town hall is a shrine of Zander the god of the mountain bare in mind that Zander is the God of Earth but the people of Zenith worship Zander for creating the mountains that they now live on and provides them protection.

To the North-west is the Church of Zander this is where people of Zenith go to pray to Zander for good fortune and protection, they also go to the Church to seek guidance from the Father and his disciples. Just under the Church of Zander is a Cave in the mountain and this is the funeral/burial grounds they put it in the mountain so that they could be with there God Zander even in death and become one with Zander. there is currently one person who was a civilian of Zenith who wasn't buried in the mountain and that was Issac Zenith who was buried on Zenith beach as the believed that his spirit would be sent into the ocean where he could continue to aid people over the world as they do not need him anymore as he has already save the life of Zenith once with lead the settlement of Zenith to be created.

To the North-east is the Inn/General store this is where the bulk of the general goods are brought from by the civilians and the guards practically anything can be brought here from medical supplies to food or even mining supplies and if they don't have something that you need you can put in a request and they might be able to get it imported. The General store is also a inn that has 2 rooms that can house 2-3 people its not the biggest space but for what you pay for it you can't complain as it is very cheap depending how much people you have with you.

To the South is the general housing area they are all currently all occupied but if one of them was to die you can kind of see what would happen to the house, They house about 2-3 people and are mainly occupied by families but not all of them they don't mind the small area as they are happy with where they are. They aren't fighter but like most people if they are pushed to a certain threshold they will fight back but for the most part they like living there peaceful life.


Zenith Dock.

This is Zenith docks the main way in and out of the Region of Zenith but just because it is the main way in doesn't mean its the only way it is just the safest due to the lack of rocks this prevents a lot of potentially damage dealt to the ship coming into the docks as for other landing areas along the shore are to shallow, have to much rocks or just to close to the cliff.

The big structure in the middle is the Dockmasters house this is also where you go to register you boat and declare how much people you have with you and why you are visiting Zenith this building is also attached to the dock so you can't really avoid going in. The Dockmaster handles all the paperwork that is involved with the docks this can be all the stock that is imported as well as exported and all the people that visit Zenith as well as leave Zenith and makes sure that everything is in check no of the stock is stolen or doesn't meet quality, The building under the Dockmasters home is the same except it is small as no one lives in it and is just an office.

The buildings to the South a just shacks that are there for people that don't have room on there ship and need a place to stay as it is dangerous to travel at night and if they lose there cargo to raiders or bandits then Zenith has to replace it or lose customers this is why they have these shacks as well as some of the tribes men that visit ride this fish that are about slightly smaller than a whaler but as fast as a dolphin called mantra they can move incredibly fast for hours on end but can't make the trip to Zenith and back to the tribe in one day so they have to stay at Zenith for the night. There are rules when it comes to staying in the shack the most important is that you cannot stay in the shack for longer than 3 days max after that you will have to live in the inn where you will be charged, if the inn is full then you can make a deal with the Dockmaster to stay in the shack but this is only available if the inn is full.

Zenith Dock

Updates and Progress

Sorry for the delay I have been busy with other stuff this wasn't the full update as I have other things to do in the morning so I couldn't post the full update also I will not be posting for the next week as I will be on vacation so as soon as I return everyday will be an update with sizable content just bare with me the game project is ambitious and is aiming to please being a gamer for 14 years I know how disappointing it is to have a game not live up to the hype or not follow though with its game play or story so I am trying to make a game adds new features to be enjoyed for a long time. As for progress after the island has been complete which is about 70% done the game will be somewhere between 1-4% done and after the island is done I will post the first game play video to show what the game is aiming to achieve as it is easy to see a picture and say "It looks good" or "Its looks bad" but to see it is a completely different story but no updates for a week but after that nothing but updates.

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