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The first update I am going to post. It contains stuff about the story and the gameplay and what im going to do with the first demo i upload.

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Yeah, to explain the game better I will post the outline here:
You have been hired to protect a computer from a rival hacking corporation. This is all explained in the FMV cutscenes I filmed which can be viewed each mission. They are optional but there if you like story. The computer you are protecting belongs to a computer-savvy teenager (played by myself if anyone asks). This teenager has provided you (thankfully) with a way to defend against these evil horrible people. His LDM (Linux Destruction Machien) links to his computer to destroy any hackers attempting to destroy one of the many cores that they have spawned in each program that is relevant and access the main system .dll files.
Obviously since the word lightgun is in the title, it's a lightgun game. You travel across programs spread over numerous levels trying to destroy any hackers, viruses etc. while having to sit around and (if you want) watch a story that they can't take part in because your not controlling the character. Oh no, this is the J-RPG part where you watch the teen be a twat. Yeah I'm serious. But to break up all the monotony of playing defend the castle, I will add a few different types of missions as well. The first one I will add is where you access your hacking console at one point to access a few files to send them to your client (the teenager).
I have gone on for long enough now I think anyways so here's the final thing. Once I have made a decent (in my eyes) build of the game I will zip it up with the video file(s) and upload it. Note it will be big because it also has music. That's a step up from Ball of Doom (my previous game). Also I am using my own group I made to publish the game, so that should clear anything else up as well.

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