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Update 1.1 released! Bugfixes: Snowing indoors removed, various quest trigger issues fixed. Mouse system also removed, replaced with classic controls.

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So, the master file for the game was corrupted, and after many fixes, the game was restored. This update merely removes the mouse system, because that was fairly annoying, and restored the original controls that used arrow keys and spacebar.
There were also a lot of bug fixes, including; snowing indoors fixed, certain quests triggering incorrectly, and getting stuck in the snowman.
I will release maybe another update later adding more strongholds, and quests, but don't expect any for while. Thanks for reading! Spread the word on this game, and feel free to make a youtube series, post a link in a forum somewhere, recommend it, rate it, I don't care, I just want to see people enjoy this game! Thank you all for your support!


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