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Post news RSS Update 11: First Patch for Major League Wizardry

We've made the first patch to Major League Wizardry Closed Beta. Still aiming for a 21st of January open beta release! You can download the game

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First patch for Major League Wizardry
Today we rolled out the first patch for Major League Wizardry and it has seen a couple of improvements as described below.

We're still keeping it closed for now, but if you want to get in on the action, you should use one of the beta keys below:

  • ITQX0I90
  • 3G5E9H2C
  • 8JC5XZED
  • 4YOJ53K4
  • 9YZ0R4FR
  • 941JSD43

and download the game here:

"Live" games! - play instantly from start to finish without leaving the game
You're now able to play an entire game without leaving the game and see what you're opponent does in real time. This has been a much-requested feature and we urge you to check it out! We're still working on this feature and will keep on improving it. The state it is in right now is "playable". Also, right now you can only search for random games - inviting friends is on the to do list!

The game is now opened through a launcher which makes it easier for us to add new features, fixes and improvements without forcing you to download and install the game from scratch again!

Improved Deck Builder
The deck builder has seen a couple of improvements - but it is not done yet! We're constantly working on getting the Deck Builder up to speed. But these improvements makes it easier to use.

UI Improvements
The menu has seen a couple of improvements as well and the flow should have a better feeling to it now.

Added Illustrations and Monsters
We've added a bunch of new illustrations and monster animations. Some illustrations are still considered placeholders though.

Open Beta Scheduled for 21st of January

We will of course continue to add new features and improve the existing ones. In the next couple of weeks towards the open beta we aim the implement the following:

1. Simple AI for single player gaming
2. A better interactive tutorial
3. Invite mechanisms so you can battle your friends
4. Android performance optimization
5. Improved deck building
6. Improved graphics and user feedback
7. New cards, illustrations and monsters
8. Game balancing

Sincerely the MLW-Team / Game Made Studio


Will you have to buy cards, or are they all unlockable? This looks like a funny idea :)

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GameMadeStudio Author

Hi Borzi! Both actually. All cards will be unlockable, but you will also have the opportunity to buy cards. In the beta all cards are made available without needing to buy any :)

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Advice: Make the cards only available through trade or boosters. Also, I would recommend creating an in-game currency that can be earned by both playing or with real money, to prevent pay to win. That would be the only thing that could ruin this game.

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GameMadeStudio Author

Hi Borzi - Thanks for reaching out again! Your advice is exactly what the plan is. We want to introduce a trading system for friends to trade cards and cards will only be available through boosters. In-game currency will be introduced, and players will also be able to trade back their unwanted cards for in-game currency. Avoiding pay to win is mandatory for us - we're gamers ourselves and nothing is more discouraging than a pay to win game...

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Thats great to hear!

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