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Update 1.03 has a focus on the wilds outside of the settlement of Zenith

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Update1 03a

Even though the island of Zenith is home to the settlement of Zenith it is also mostly undiscovered and covered in the wilds of Zenith and for the most part have not been covered in paths or roads but some of the local bandits have built small bridges to provide easier access to their lands.

just as the text above say the wilds are not just inhabited by beast such as wolves and bear but also by bandits they are also some mysterious beast that were pulled though the rifts that opened all over different planets and were left in the realm of Nexia but a lot of these siting have been proven false due to the people reporting these "Beast" state of mental health but with a lot of people being reported missing and drops in the number of animals at local hunting ground dropping the case of mysterious beast is growing more likely day by day.

Due to the bulk of the wilds just being mostly empty with areas that are practically just there to close spaces being fulled with natural predators such as wolves, bears and some contain bandits like in other games however they do contain secrets but just as the name secrets implies they are secret are going to remain that way until a gameplay/video is release show a couple so until then they will remain secret.

Disclaimer everything in this update is still very much a work in progress and is subject to change later on in development as well as the events are also not visible in the pictures.

Hunters Guide

Hunters Guild

The Hunters Guild is a small area located just outside of Zenith which houses the most daring of hunters in the region of Zenith where they hunter the unique monsters of the Zenith area such as the elusive White "Revenant" Wolf for its ghostly appearance it has been rumored to attack during the darkest of nights and killing roughly about 23 soldiers and civilians and is one of the reason people do not leave the settlement of Zenith and to the hunters and some of the older people of Zenith it has been said once it has killed you it devours your body mind and soul, this is a myth told among the hunters of the Zenith hunters guild many have try to kill it so far none have return, This gave the wolf the name of Rethion who in the land of Nexia is one of the names given to the god of death some say it is Rethions pets sent to hunt and torment the people others say its the embodiment of death himself but they are just rumors in the region of Zenith, Rethion the White "Revenant" Wolf is just one of 3 legendary animals that are on the small Island that are being hunted by the hunters guild but those other 2 beast are for another time.

The hunters guild don't just hunt legendary animals they also hunt normal animals such as wolves bears fish and what other wildlife can be found on the island. they also will buy any pelts that you obtain from the animals you kill that is if you don't want to use them. They also offer quest and tournaments everyone week to test your skills, might and hunting abilities. not to mention they are great survivalist and can teach you some skills about climbing, scavenging, crafting medicines and just crafting in general so its best to get on there go side.

The hunters guild isn't just found in the Zenith region but outside of most major cities you can most likely find one with different quest and skills to be taught to you to make you a better survivalist. They are not a mandatory guide to join but if you need some extra gold or want to see a little bit more in the world of Nexia the tracking skills and climbing skills can help you access new areas (not having Tracking doesn't stop you from access areas just makes it easier to find these areas same with Climbing it isn't necessary to access those hard to reach places as you can access them with a rope or other climbing object it just makes it easier to reach said places as with climbing you don't need rope and tracking show the location easier this is so players can play how they want to play and not be force to join the hunters guild just so they can explore some areas this allows players a little bit more freedom in how the play Rifts of Nexia)as for skills like Foraging and crafting can help you prolong your life in and out of combat these skills make the hunters guild one guild to join as it doesn't always necessarily directly impact combat except for some stimulates but more so the exploration aspect of Rifts of Nexia.


Lake Zenith

It might not look like much but trust me it is a lake the other quarter isn't available due to indiedb not loading the scene.

Lake Zenith was always a lake it was original a mountain but one day a long time ago a meteor was pulled though a rift and created this crater which is now Zenith Lake, but then where did all the water come from ? there is a lot on the island that is because a lot of the mountains are fulled with water as well as being in the middle of the ocean. Zenith lake is also connect with practically all the streams on the island this is because the lake of Zenith is the main source of water flow on the island and only a few of the steams actual lead out the ocean.

The lake of Zenith also has quite a bit of marine life some that are unique to the the island of Zenith which makes it a prime fishing spot for fishermen from all over Nexia not to mention it is also one of the places in Nexia that fishing tournaments are held the water is actual some of the deepest in all of Nexia which does leave questions about what is down there. But where there is an abundance of fish there has got to be a natural predator that hunts them and there are but are quite rare to find jellyfish eels and piranha are the most commonly found due to the lack of diving it is quite hard to find a lot of the rarer species but it has been rumor to have something that resembles some sort of squid or octopus that has killed multiple fishermen this has lead to the canceling of multiple fishing tournaments or just resulting in just standing on the wharf and just catching small fish leading to some boring tournaments to find out about the squid/octopus you will have to consult the hunters guide as it is one of there top 3.

Bandit camp

Bandit Entrance

The bandit camp entrance. There are multiple bandit tribes on Zenith but this one is the largest and is constantly fight with the other bandits and the town of Zenith.

The bandits mainly focus on kidnapping, murder, and just straight up destruction they are ruthless killers that claim this island as there own and will defend it with there life in saying this they are not stupid in regards of fight strength as they know that even though they have the numbers advantage they lack quality gear and train and even if they were to win they know that the other tribes would most likely finish them off and retake the island which is why they wait slowly picking off the numbers of the people of Zenith.

They are also one of the few people on Zenith that have discovered caves in the mountains using them strategically and to their advantage this is the main way they have been so successful, This has changed how the bandits move and fight making them the strongest and best tribe of all of Zenith ever since their old leader was over thrown and the new leader stepped up has thing began to change it is rumored that he was an old military captain the old captain that was stationed here last after being captured. So say they were tipped off about the cave and are being lead from the shadows. and lastly some think that the Darnelles are using them for there own gain but that is all the towns people know about these bandits at the moment.


Bandit outpost

A outpost setup by the military near the entrance to the northern beach to keep track of people coming into and out of the wilds this was also for safety as if someone got lost they could go to the toll booth and be guided back in the morning but the bandits saw this as an opportunity to show strength and their might and show the people of Zenith that they aren't messing around and if they invade our land we will show them no mercy. The following night they attacked the small outpost of 5 guards and capturing them all then as the morning came around they took them to front of Zenith the guard captained yelled "What do you want" they masked figure which appeared to be their leader reply in a dark croaky voice "To send a message" and one by one he killed them as slow as possible their screams echoed the mountains, The guard captained yell with a passion "I'm going to kill you" they masked figured reply fiercely "I'll be waiting" and just as he leaves he burns the corpses leaving nothing but pile of ash.

This spot also offers quite a good strategic location for the bandits as the other tribes do not know about the mountain passes so the are practically forced to go along the beach and though this outpost giving a massive edge to the bandits as well as hunters or travelers will most likely walk passed here ignoring the guards of Zeniths words and have mercy and be sold for ransom or become a slave or the bandits will just kill them on the spot. This foot hold was a big step for the bandits as it is easy to hold on to and give them so much advantage against the hostile tribes and the people of Zenith, and its never worth trying to take it back as it is a lot easy for the bandits to reinforce it then it is for the guards of Zenith to as there troops are sent from the Nexian Empire which take 6 or 7 days to reach from Zenith and they don't want a repeat of the last accident.

Legendary Monsters and Updates

Legendary monsters are what the name implies they are Legendary monsters the strongest of the Strongest best of the best and will be treated as such they will take a lot of effort to kill and will most likely kill you the first couple of times they will take quite a bit of setup to find. First tracking them finding out where they live where they hunt what they do etc. Then you will lay your trap setting it up crafting the trap finding the materials finding the place to put it. then you will fight it kill it and then get your reward or die to it a cry miserably about how you didn't save and have to do it all over again but a lot of work is going into this not just on the island of Zenith but all the other legendary monster in the land of Nexia to make them feel dynamic and a challenge to fight rather than just in a normal role playing game where you attack say a number then its his turn to attack and say a number as I want it to feel like a hunt and when you take it to the hunters guild to make it feel like wow I just saved the town of this beast now the island will change rather than just "Oh hi the guy that has done nothing yet" and make their ai just kill the civilians and have its worth and strength increase depending on how many people it has killed sort of like another play this will be a huge part in development and will most likely take place longer down the line of development as it will take a lot of time figuring out the scripts to do this.

Updates on Rifts of Nexia were stopped for a while due to the new year and a lot of personal reason but mainly work it would be nice to do this full time as I am passionate about this game and it might be a push to get an update out everyday also sorry about a lot of the grammar I do a lot of the updates late and after I'm finished work so I'm usually really tied while I write these up. There should be about 2 or 3 more updates till I'm done with this Island and then I can move onto a lot of the bigger stuff in the game such as the biggest land mass in Nexia where 3 of the 5 factions live and go into more detail about said factions as well as the rifts. The Island it self should have about 8 - 10 hours of game play on it if you do everything including the side quest main quest and all the secret quests in the hidden locations also the branching story line with the war better the bandit and the bandit tribes which could change the face of Zenith as we know it well stay tuned to Rifts of Nexia some big updates are coming in the next 3 updates.

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