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Version 0.19 is out! See changelog for more details.

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Here is version 0.19!
A new Submenu has been added. There you can see your quest status and save the game.
Secondly, you can swim now! It caused a lot of bugs first but now it works fine.
But the main challenge on this update was to fix the chat bug. In previous versions only the host was able to receive all messages correctly. Sometimes a message got lost and clients didn't read it, now it has been finally fixed!

Changelog 0.19(1st February, 2017):

  • Quest Status Submenu added(use the arrows to switch between Submenus)
  • Sword Beams have a cooldown now
  • Swimming added(Press S to swim faster and W to dive)
  • Autosave after first cutscene
  • FIXED BUG: Arrows in the menu change items
  • FIXED BUG: When Link dies the last heart never goes empty
  • FIXED BUG: Peril Beam doesn't work if you have 1 heart
  • FIXED BUG: Clients don't get messages sometimes!
  • FIXED BUG: Pushing a rock sometimes work if you don't stand next to it
  • FIXED BUG: First cutscene reappear
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