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Take a look at this week's update to Sky Nations. With some usability changes and some server to server travel.

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Update 2

This weeks update centered around making some of the user interface a bit more friendly and also implementing the functionality for Link Drives.


On the usability front, a pause menu was added which can be opened with the Esc key which will allow you open options, return to the server list or exit the game. It will also show you the name, MOTD, IP and port of the server you are currently connected to should you want to invite a friend or re-read the rules for a server. The ping(latency) and player coordinates have also been added next to and below the compass. Making it easier to navigate without having to open up and read the debug stats. Early this week part of the usability changes were updated earlier with some hot fixes which also included "Edge Mode" which allows player to safely build platforms and bridges and a major fix for the sliding bug.

Link Drives

The functionality for Link Drives has also been added. This allows ships with their player inhabitants to travel between parallel dimensions(different servers). Using a warp drive style mechanic. Currently the block for this is in-active and will be further developed next week, I didn't quite get enough time to finish the visual side of it! You can use an early version of link drives through admin commands which you can find information about on the Wiki. Link Drive's will solve a few problems. Firstly, eventually limited map sizes will run out of resources which means a server with a large player base may want to move its inhabitants without losing their ships. This can be quite simply be done by linking with a second server. Having everyone with Link Drives jump out to that server then jump back once the map is regenerated. Secondly, since the game is in development it is quite likely that maps pre-generated before certain updates will become out-dated and will be missing resources. The same idea applies where players can jump their ships safely to another server and jump back again when the server is ready and has regenerated it's map. Thirdly, its a pretty cool way for several servers to join up to provide a larger or different worlds for players to explore.

How to Update

For the client you can simply click the Update button at the top in the Login screen. This will start the updater and you can simply click the Update button. This will download and update your client for you automatically.

For the server simply copy and paste the files from Get.skynations.net over your current server. You do not need to delete any ships, world, player or custom item files.

Change Log

Client Changelog 0.116

  • Cannon balls no longer hit through blocks.
  • Cannon balls now do player damage. Damage is stronger closer to the center of the blast.
  • You can now turn thrusters on and off to help power management.
  • Added pause menu. Press Esc to bring up pause menu.
  • Removed F12 exit. Use the pause menu.
  • Added ping to hud next to compass.
  • Added a button to upload skins to login screen.
  • Added Link Drive functionality to ships(Currently through commands).
  • Added server name, IP and MOTD to pause menu.
  • Added player's current Coordinatess below Compass.
  • Remade texture for Spawn stone.
  • Texture mapping has been changed to make textures on different sized blocks properly proportioned and not skewed. Blocks with reversed text have also been corrected by this change.
  • Added directional lighting to objects lit by Default Lit shader(most Entities).


  • Cannon balls have a smaller area of effect.
  • Hard Glass is now cheaper and costs 4 of both ingredients instead of 8.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed edge mode not working on chunk boundaries.
  • Fixed turned off yellow lantern blocks still giving some light.
  • Fixed some servers not being clickable on server list screen.
  • Fixed changing resolution causing depth buffer to go nuts and draw everything behind the sky. Which made it invisible to players.
  • Fixed an issue where the port in the server list was not always correct.
  • Fixed sculpted items not removing correctly when switching them in inventory to other players.
  • Fixed selecting items with number keys breaking item scrolling in item bar.

Server Changelog 0.119

  • You can now whisper other players with /w and /tell as well as the old command /whisper.
  • Changed whisper message formatting and re-colored it blue.
  • Added admin command to duplicate ships “/ds shipid”.
  • Added /help for players.
  • Removed /spawn admin command for spawning ship bases. Use a Energy Well like normal players.
  • Added /unadmin to remove administrators(this does not effect RootAdmins set in the ServerSettings.xml).
  • Server now logs chat in log.txt.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spawn sending player to spawn platform as a result of changes during Monday’s Hot Fix.
  • Added preventative fix to ships being saved as empty chunks in some cases.


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