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You play as 1 of 4 Survivors of an Infection that takes over the city. Anything here that's not a walking corpse is dead. This was based on left for dead/Dead rising

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This Game is still In Heavy Development.

-Help is Greatly Appreciated whether it be feedback or helping with the creation of the Game.
-Special Zombies may or may not be added depending on Public feedback.
-This game is under copyright and can not be copied in any way.
-If you want to help send me a pm.

The city of BrennenBurg has been consumed by an unknown Infection
that causes Extreme loss of Brain functions then leading to death and
remarkably bringing them back to life but Mentally disabled and extremely
violent. With the National Guard protecting the Border 4 immune
Survivors must traverse the large city trying to find a way out of the city.

New Mall map will be added first and when I add a few weapons and Zombies The first Alpha Download
will be avalible to the public but you will have to wait some time before I can upload the Zombie models and Guns.

The Beach is now Complete I will upload a picture of it a soon as I start on the Town in the backround. The town will be the main area of the game.

Over 110 melee weapons ALONE will be added to the game when I get time. Other weapons such as throwing weapons and Guns are yet to be added as well as health and temporary upgrade items.

Thanks to F4ll3n_FuSi0nZ for the New Art on the Game Page I will begin more work on the game and add picture tomorrow.

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