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Space Ranger will be released for Windows 7/XP within 14 days (if all goes well) - check out the upcoming features!

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We're loading up to get ready for the Windows release of Space Ranger, and got a lot of cool features planned for both this and future releases - so here's an update of what's cooking!

New UFO bosses
We're adding several new UFO boss types, each having its own behaviour - like the Stealth Boss, firing torpedos, disappearing and reappering.

Upcoming stuff!

Level editor version 2!
The level editor is getting a major makeover, and tons of features are added for you to play around with!

- brand new, easy user interface
- change alpha level, color, positions, depth and time-to-live for added design control
- copy/paste functions for enemy and fluff spawners
- added in new UFO formation objects
- new text message object - let's you create custom messages for the player

Level editor 2 prototype

UFO formations
Now you can create UFO formations, and it's possible to combine all formation types and UFO types - so you can create some really interesting attack formations.

UFO formation attacking base!

The Alien Base
Everyone needs a home, and so does the aliens - we started building a base for them - and for you to destroy.. Here's a prototype shot:

Upcoming stuff!

Planet Ground Levels
We started building the blocks for creating some nice ground levels, so you can create some even more interesting missions...

Upcoming stuff!

... And we got even more stuff planned, so please track Space Ranger to keep yourself posted! :)

Planned features and ideas:
- Online sharing of levels and scores.
- Teleportation worm hole
- Restrict spaceship movement
- Checkpoints
- Escaping enemies
- Repair stations
- Level room block editor
- Level size
- Triggers
- Mines
- Unlockable objects
- Sidewing fighters
- and much more!

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