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Welcome to Unicode, the game where the world is made of platforms.

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Unicode is a game where words are platforms. You can play as a man made of symbols named Thesis, and jump from word to word, but if you touch red, you die. As simple as the gameplay may seem, the game is filled with a variety of features: an original story with a dark secret, platforms you can drag with your mouse, traps, lightning, moveable platforms, and a lot of harsh and painful courses.

What is the plot? A mad king named Fontavian, ruler of the world, is doing experiments to enter other portals. It has costed hundreds of lives and people are starting to rebel, so Thesis must stop Fontavian. However, things don't go as planned, and the problem will only grow greater.

Gameplay? The game has two modes: No Mistakes Mode with no saving where a single death causes you to reset the game, and Normal Mode with classic gameplay but still tons of insane courses. There happens to be controllable platforms and draggable platforms, and invisible or moving obstacles. Not to mention a over 8 boss fights and over 50 levels.

Who is the maker? The founder of Creatalsoftware and Exploding Tacos Games are collaborating on the project. However, some fonts are owned by other people with credits in the game on where to find all the fonts. The music is all composed by Creatalsoftware, and an extra special thanks will be added to the full game.

An update is being released soon for the demo with 2 more worlds, so stay tuned for that! It adds some cutscenes and other things we believe you will enjoy.

Also, there is now an official channel for Creatalsoftware Games. It contains some of the original soundtrack composed by Exploding Tacos and Creatalsoftware, and will soon have more music files and even a trailer for Unicode.

The progress of the game production is going well. We are over halfway done with the game. We hope to release it sometime this month, at latest in May.

That's all for now. Have a nice day, and be sure to try the Unicode demo!

-Creatalsoftware and Exploding Tacos

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