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Well, it's FINALLY HERE! After months of teasing and delays and slow development, I deliver to you a ULTRA MAJOR update to Undertale 2! If you still have an old build, I HIGHLY EMPHASIZE that you update your build as this new update changes ALMOST EVERYTHING. The changes included are as follows:

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Improvement - Reworked sound files to allow for less lag (both with sound and game FPS)

Improvement - Modified save files for better organization

BugFix - Reimplemented "save9" due to "scr_tempload" requiring it to work properly

Addition - Added something extra to the end cutscene

BugFix - Fixed text bug in early dark world rooms

Improvement - smoothed movement and transitions in the "LEGEND" sequence (it always felt stuttery to me).

Addition - After months of experimentation, BORDERS have finally been added! (note: currently, the game is locked in fullscreen mode to allow for full border experience similar to console versions, but I might disable this if I feel it necessary)

Adjustment - Modified button save function to use button style in last saved game

BugFix - Fixed an issue with the puzzle in "room_field_secret1" where the puzzle wouldn't properly display as complete if the player already completed said puzzle.

BugFix - Modified the puzzle in "room_field_boxpuzzle" to properly display if the puzzle was solved if the player re-enters the room after solving said puzzle.

Improvement - Modified the name input in the "contact" sequence to allow for lowercase alphabet letters (a-z) (both english and japanese)

Overhaul - odified controls settings to allow for more keyboard inputs (also modified the SHIFT and CTRL alt bindings to allow for one to still be used even if the other is disabled considering both can now be binded separately) (also added new text strings for keys not previously documented before. If anyone wants to help me fill in each one, DM me) (implemented unused flags to better allocate new alt bindings for gamepads upon loading)

Optimization - Modified gamepad connections so that in the rare off-chance that the gamepad connected doesn't default to the first slot, the game will check every other possible gamepad slot until it finds the slot the gamepad is connected to.

Addition - Finished working in gamepad alternate bindings with very specific purposes (RT = Attack press (not alternate "confirm" button), LB = "run" (not alternate "cancel" button), START = "menu" (does not work with the "wrist protector"))

Overhaul - Modified the "create a machine to thrash your own ass" cutscene to allow for the player to now 1) outright REFUSE to design the machine, and 2) draw the machine incompletely (ex: draw a body and legs, but no head) also added new dialogue in multiple places to accomodate for this choice should it happen

Addition - Utilized multiple previously unused save flags to prevent repeat dialogue in certain cases

Improvement - Modified the "bad thrash machine" cutscene to properly display the "start battle" animation when the battle in said cutscene is triggered (before it just jumped straight into the battle with no animation)

BugFix - Fixed a code error in "npc_facing" during "prison_event" where incorrect dialogue would play in certain conditions

Addition - Added a "timer" counter to "prison_event" that counts how many minutes you spend in the cell before talking to Ralsei and advancing the story

Improvement - Modified the text in the "susie and lancer" boss fight to display different text if Susie is asleep

Optimization - Ported in new console version code that completely pauses the game if the game loses focus for any reason.

Improvement - Modified the writer code to allow for new characters to be used that couldn't previously be used

Improvement - Modified save menu code to better display save time

Improvement - Modified button types to accomodate for third-party/off-brand controllers

Addition - Added a special command on startup that allows for true randomness in certain areas

Overhaul - Overhauled controls menu to allow for new submenus with unique functions: added a "southpaw" mode for gamepads (if enabled, the Right Stick on a gamepad will be used for movement instead of the Left Stick), added a "sensitivity" setting (if your gamepad stick is a bit sensitive, you can use this to adjust the "deadzone" sensitivity), added a "dual-stick" mode for gamepads (if enabled, both sticks can be used for movement and menu navigation)

Addition - Added a new savepoint to "Frisk's Room" to build on the AU's story

Adjustment - Modified the "susie and lancer fight" cutscene to allow for consistency with loads after the fight

Adjustment - Adjusted save reading code to allow for hours in time data

Optimization - Performed SEVERAL quality of life improvements to both the "Susie and Lancer Fight" cutscene and the "Susie and Lancer Fight" boss

Adjustment - Edited the "Elevator Talk" cutscene to have Frisk walk straight out of the elevator after Susie talks with Frisk (did this because it felt wrong for the player to simply use the elevator while everyone else was out of it, so call it a "quality of life improvement" change)

Adjustment - Reworked collision blocks in many rooms to better enhance the environment and to reduce file size

BugFix - Fixed an issue with attacking in battles where if the player had all 3 party members, the third attackbox wouldn't flash when "button1" was pressed

BugFix - Fixed HUNDREDS of instances where a textsound would play when it didn't need to

Overhaul - COMPLETELY overhauled the "Onion-San" interaction as I felt the original dialogue didn't work for this AU

Addition - Added a new sub-menu in the "controls" menu for gamepad specific settings

BugFix - Added a fix to shops where the "more items" arrow would show up during selling dialogue ("sell for this much?") even if the player had less than 6 items in their inventory

Adjustment - Modified the "box puzzle" cutscene to function similarly to the new elevator cutscene (frisk walks straight to the gate instead of control to the player being restored and allowing them to walk through the other entrance)

BugFix - Fixed a dialogue bug in the "dummy tutorial" where incorrect dialogue would play under specific circumstances

BugFix - Fixed an issue with battle victories where when the victory animation was finished, the character position would suddenly shift for no apparent reason (most noticeable on Ralsei)

BugFix - Fixed a strange bug where for some reason, in Seam's "seap", the value of Dark Candy would be locked at 40 Dark Currency for both English and Japanese versions

Removal - Removed the japanese remixes of boss themes (felt like they didn't really fit in [also, there was a function where the jevil music would be random, but I discarded that as well.])

Improvement - Modified the Jevil boss code so that "Pirouette" can now TRULY produce "random chaos" (before, the effect pirouette could produce always changed in a set order. that is no longer the case.)

Improvement - Modified the "carousel revolution" random chaos in the Jevil boss fight to improve the functionality of shuffling up the party's HP bars

BugFix - Fixed an issue during attack phases where the blue rectangles that are drawn would clip into the portraits (they've been resized to not clip anymore and are a more accurate representation of how they're drawn when multiple party members are attacking)

Improvement - Modified the "sell weapon" and "sell armor" menus in shops to properly size and resize when a sale is made. also added new text to better indicate if something can't be sold

BugFix - Fixed a glitch with the writer where when upon creation, it would sometimes change the facial expression earlier than anticipated

Addition - Updated a sprite set and re-incorporated previously unused sprites for susie to be used in the "see you tomorrow" cutscene

BugFix - Fixed a HILARIOUS bug where if the player is fast enough, they get to see K. Round's crown still sliding away after the second encounter

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