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Revamped A.I., Underground content and randomly sequenced dungeons!

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Lately, I decided I was working on content the wrong way around, so for the moment Knights have been disabled in-game. I've fully improved Goblin A.I. to the point where they avoid trees, rocks and other solid objects while moving towards their destination. They also now spawn in packs based on the amount of structures you have built.

As you can see in the images tab, I have also begun to work on underground content which can be accessed by falling down a hole that has a 1/100 chance (tbc) of spawning under a rock. Underground is very limited so far, but I plan on adding large cave systems and more ores, so you can build that underground house in style :) While Goblins won't be able to spawn underground, more fearful dangers await!

The third and final feature I have begun to work on are randomly sequenced dungeons. Each dungeon contains a set of 20+ rooms, and rooms are chosen at random upon progression through the dungeon. A system I have been working on prevents the boss battle appearing instantly and also keeps track of how deep into the dungeon are, so no matter which way you go, the rooms will always differ, entering or leaving the dungeon!

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