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Today we reveal concept art for two units, the Saber Squad and Grand Cross...

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Hey gang, So some of you that have been keeping watch or that have visited the site may have seen the concept art by Przmek Lech, but today we let you in on two of the Protectorates opposing tech trees units; the Saber Squad and Grand Cross! In Project: Warcry, your P.O.M. tech tree splits at certain points allowing the pursuit of one military contract. You can choose the Juno Star Forge, with their powerful siege units, or the Ronin Corp., who favor stealth and speed. The idea is to give players paths that dramatically alter their races play styles anytime during the game. Currently we have two paths planned for each race with more paths planned for release shortly after release. So now, we show you two planned units that for each path.

The Juno Star Forge
, a weapons distributor made famous during the Synthetic Wars, is the largest and most powerful distributor of death this side of Orion’s arm. Favoring single, powerful Exo Tank Suits (XTS) and heavy mechs, the JSF is the best answer for the player who desires straight action. Players can further the resilience of these brutish war machines with regenerative shields, repair kits, modular weapons and even Jump-Jets.
The XTS-2 Grand Cross: Pain is built. XTS are advanced battle suits that stand between six and seven meters tall. Designed to feel more like a second skin than a vehicle, the XTS can navigate the battlefield with a grace never before seen in the older, mech units. the XTS-2 is easily the best JSF unit for countering infantry. Its duel Javelin blades can rip infantry flanks into slips of meat and metal while burning the ones it missed alive. Its only drawback is its range, which requires close quarters for its short range weapons. The XTS-2 is most effective when used in conjunction with Sector Knights. While the SK unleashes a firestorm of antimatter, the Grand Cross can absorb enemy fire and tie up enemy ranged units. The XTS-2 is also the best unit to fight the Jucati spam hordes.

On the other end of the Spectrum… The Ronin Corp. are 30th century assassins. A relatively new corporation, they have already proven themselves on the battlefield in several campaigns. The RoCo favor advanced technology and speed. RoCo tanks glide over the battlefield using Z-Drive technology and strike from the veil of stealth, their aircraft can annihilate structures with single bomb loads and their infantry strike without warning. Players that prefer quick hit-and-run tactics, long range strikes and a more evasive battle plan will find the RoCo their path to heaven... err, not literally though. The Saber Blades: The special forces of the new millennium. Sabers use their speed and stealth to close within enemy lines and deliver single powerful killing blows. Quickly and quietly, enemy infantry vanish from existence. This is the charge of the Saber Blades. Futuristic ninja assassins, who kill without retaliation and are capable of planting explosive charges on either vehicle or structure and manually detonating each charge by clicking on the icon after it is placed on the target.

vfn4i83 - - 692 comments

really nice concepts.

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Doom-Hazmat - - 141 comments

Pretty cool.

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Khalus - - 234 comments

I'm really digging the P.o.M. :)

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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Very nice, clean art style. Good work!

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