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Watch this tutorial before you start playing Space Engineers. It will help you to learn the basics. This was made by Space Engineers team, I am simply posting it here to help those who need it:-)

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This Alpha Tutorial covers most of the basics that should help get you started at the beginning. Remember this is early alpha so some parts might be missing but all in all it does a good job of giving you a preview of the start of the game. I hope it is helpful to everyone:-)



Make survival similar to minecraft and/or Gnomoria. Where you have to mine resources and build parts and components from the resources you gather. Also add enemies and natural phenomenon's and such. Things that are a danger to the player's. As well as the 'tools' we need to defend ourselves, our bases, and our ships. If you add these things then you'll have my money.

I like struggling to survive. Early game it's hard and very time consuming to scrounge out a living. Later, with more meterials and 'structures', it's easier. Maybe even automated mining via robot mining ships. Trading with NPC bases for higher tier items we cannot even come close to crafting, until much later.

Also would like to see building changed up a bit. Make it so what we're 'placing' is a virtual blueprint. With robot's crafting the parts/components we lay out. Actually that could be something we get, later, once we craft certain terminals and gear. Like we'd need to create a control center, say a small one for starts. That'd give us 1 small and kind of slow, but faster than player construction, robot. We'd also have to craft the robot at a technicians terminal/station, which we'd need to craft. With upgrades for most things. All of which uses resources.After creating a traders room\store. We'd then be able to set things to sell to passing NPC's, privateer's, or other entities that aren't hostile towards us. Until we can build the store we have to physically travel to 'discovered' bases and out posts to do any trading. Only being able to trade what we can carry or arrange for someone else to pick up, if we have a landing bay or docking capsule.

Well, that's what I'd like to see of this game. Looks really nice and I've added to to be tracked. Good work so far, it looks VERY promising.

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