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Post news RSS Turnover: Updated to v.1.0.691, Controller Improvements and Misc. Fixes.

The first post-release update addresses controller issues and includes various improvements.

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Turnover's first post release update is now live! v1.0.691 improves controller support, brings some stylistic additions, and addresses bugs.

Aim Sensitivity

For controller users, there is a new Aim Sensitivity option that sets the speed of aiming/looking ahead. The option can be found in the Binds menu.

Controller Menu Navigation Fix: New Launch Option

I've had a couple of reports that some controllers clash with the default binds, making menu navigation difficult. To help players with this problem, there is now a new launch option: setcontroller. Running this option will take you straight to the Binds screen, where you can easily set the correct binds so you can navigate the menus and play the game.

Binds Menu Access

Access to the Binds menu from the title screen has been moved to the Options menu, just to keep things grouped together. Also, you can now access the Binds menu from the Pause screen, for easier checking or changing while in-game.

v1.0.691 Changelog

  • New: Controller aim sensitivity is now configurable from the Binds screen.
  • New: The Binds screen can be accessed from the Pause screen for quick changing/reference.
  • New: New launch options: setkbm and setcontroller. These take you straight to the Binds screen so you can set your binds down the line. Useful if you controller isn't compatible with the default binds, causing menu navigation issues.
  • New: Sergeant alerts will now trigger the minimap alert indicator.
  • New: Alerting patrols/Sergeants will trigger a color desaturation effect. Colors return when patrols are no longer alerted.
  • Changed: Access to the Binds screen has been moved to the Options screen.
  • Changed: "Pause" will no longer skip the server preview and level opening. "Use" and "interact" still do.
  • Changed: Reworded some HUD text for clarity.
  • Changed: Slightly increased the camera preview pause between nodes.
  • Changed: Slightly better fallback if the game's config file is corrupt/malformed.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed a HUD warning on the Binds Screen if a bind is not set.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed the camera flying to the wrong place if the game is paused during the server preview/opening camera preview.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed an intermittent issue with the camera missing the first preview spot on level start.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed female workers sometimes not being assigned first names for their ID cards.
  • Fixed/All: Fixed a few incorrectly worded error messages if a log file is generated.
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