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TUNNEL DIVERS v0.0.2 is now available.............

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Re-download it here: Spasmangames.com

You will get a version mismatch error if you attempt to join the test server with v0.0.1

Change log:

- Added Sound On/Off option
- Changed how game info is shown (when you try to pick up an item with max ammo, etc)
- Added the ability to cycle weapons (Q and E), unbounded previous weapon keys for now
- Weapons now automatically cycle when you're out of ammo
- Fixed ships getting stuck together by changing how ships collide
- Optimized a bunch of crap
- Fixed clients not timing out from the server properly
- Fixed "ghost ships" remaining on the server when a player leaves
- Renamed a few weapons. Still not final.

Theres a crash on the server that still lurks about with an extremely vague error message so sorry if the test server is still not up 24/7

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