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The Trisector v1.0.5 update includes completely redesigned levels, a new action packed tutorial and credits level, new enemy lasers and bullet patterns, redesigned player weapon and upgrades, an XP meter that reduces energy costs with each new XP level, and a new user interface. This update is action packed!

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Trisector v1.0.5 (213) was released on the App Store on Dec 18th, 2013. This update focused on a complete level revamp, improving enemy weapons and patterns, and UI/HUD improvements.

Level Redesign:

The tutorial and story levels were all redesigned to bring the bullet and laser filled action. Each level should provide a more consistently challenging run.

Enemy Bullet patterns:

The enemy ships are now equipped to fire bullet patterns instead of the normal bullets. Unlike the normal red bullets, the orange pattern bullets will destroy the player projectiles when hit. These pattern projectiles are both an offensive and defensive weapon used by the enemy ships.

Trisector Enemy Bullets

Enemy Lasers:

Some of the enemy ships are now equipped with beam lasers which are high impact and very deadly. These lasers are usually fire in a short burst followed by a period of recharge. They must be avoided at all costs. There is rumor of a new Tri-Corp beam turret that can fire their beam lasers for a long period of time and sweep them in any direction.

Trisector Enemy Lasers

XP Meter:

The enemy bullets and pattern bullets are turned into xp pods when destroyed, and the ship has a xp pod attractor that automatically collects the xp pods. Each xp pod collected goes towards increasing the xp level, which reduces the ship's energy costs for weapons and shielding with each new xp level.


The user interface and the heads up display were completely redesigned for this update. The HUD now includes the meters for speed, energy, and xp in the top left, and progress, score, and score multiplier in the top right of the screen. Additionally, the UI now provides for a more modern and minimal look throughout.

Trisector HUD

Full v1.0.5 (213) Changelog:

  • Completely redesigned all levels
  • New UI and HUD
  • Speed based zoom
  • Player ship now moves in all directions
  • Enemy AI and movement improvements
  • Improved player bullets
  • New and Bigger enemy bullets
  • Enemy bullet patterns
  • Enemy lasers
  • New enemy beam turret
  • Ramming pauses energy regeneration
  • More starting energy and increased energy capacity
  • Story nodes now grant a starting Weapon, Energy, and Speed bonus
  • XP pod attractor improvements
  • XP meter: reduces laser cost and shielding cost based on XP level
  • Level select tips
  • Smart button improvements (pause, restart, next level)
  • Game auto starts after selecting play from level menu
  • Game Center improvements
  • Now requires iOS 7 or higher
  • Bug fixes
NinRac - - 44 comments

I'm loving those screenshots. I want to embrace the madness (sadly can't play until I upgrade up to a new iPhone to be able to play it....but when I do, I will let you know).

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