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Triple X Tycoon will support mods! Steam Greenlight update!

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We've had mod support planned for awhile. We just never got around to mentioning it, not even in the damned devblogs [en.joy-toilet.com]! Depending on how things go in the future we'll try and release some tools alongside being able to just go in and edit some files by hand. I'm particularly interested in bumping out a solution for those potentially seeking to add frames to animations in case you want to get a little more intricate with your preferences.

For the most part things will remain fairly open overall since I don't have the time or energy left to go worrying about extensive DRM and locking certain files. We didn't build our engine for privacy after all, but I suppose that's obvious by now ;)

Also, me and Soup tried live-streaming a development session but the audio didn't hold up. Like an asshole I neglected to practice the golden rule of having audio backups or secondaries. Damn shame! But it's fine, we'll make it up to ya'll with a new vlog at some point soon. If you haven't checked out the older ones yet, you can do that by clicking here!

One more thing, to everyone who's voted and left feedback so far, we appreciate it more than you think! It's been YEARS since we started this project. It's been a seriously unsexy ride [en.joy-toilet.com] for us at times but the result, we hope will be unlike anything you've ever played before >=)

If you haven't signed up for the forum yet, come say hi [www.joy-toilet.com], think of it as being social-as-a-service. We'll say hi back! And tell your friends or whatever about this project! Every vote counts!

Triple X Tycoon on Greenlight

Thanks in advance,

- Doop

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