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Here is our sixth weekly update. New this week: Particles, Trees, Lights, and Atmosphere!

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The most important changes this week:

  • Lukas is working on the modding and scripting API. Hopefully, all important logic can be done by scripts at the end of next week. He also implemented “dig-on-click”.
  • Marcus is still carefully crafting our new expression/node-system. He promised me to write devblog-articles when the system is finished. Intermediate bytecode evaluation works, derivation and range prediction are up next.
  • Tobi is implementing our own bug-tracking system with connection to a crash-logger library, a launcher-application, and an ingame feedback/bugreport form.
  • Kersten created a tree renderer (based on instanced texture lobes) and worked on the particle system. Furthermore, he added new input functionality like “plant-a-tree”, “light-cube-throwing” and “destruction-ball-throwing”.
  • Philip wrote the rendering systems for particles, procedural skybox creation and the underwater effect. He also extended the illumination capabilities of our engine by supporting point lights.

For screenshots, technical information, and regular updates, visit our blog!


Hey there,
just want to say that this looks fantastic. I have never seen such a great and smooth transition between over and under the water. Also you deserve respect for making your engine available/accessible for people with less programming knowledge and to give them the possibility to create their own mods/games easier.

Ps: ich hoffe das war einigermaßen verständlich :) ich bin wirklich begeistert von project genesis:Lukas, Marcus, Tobi, Kersten, Philip ihr seit spitze, weitermachen!

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