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After I finally had enough of waiting for the our Level Designer to start working on the training area, I decided to make one by myself. So far it looks really nice, and I'd like to show you some pictures of it ;).

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Hello everybody,

after some major issues concerning our team I decided to start from scratch with only the people who have proven to be hard-working. Since our Level Designer couldn't work on the training room anymore, I had a look on how to make a fun level, how to get the lighning done and all that. It took me the last months, but in the end I learned quite a bit about compositing, lighting and gameplay flow. Now I'd like to show you how I made first part of the training room.

First I had to make a layout. The concept art posted here earlier was a big help, so I got this done rather quickly. I changed some minor things to make it better for a tutorial kind of use, but after all I think it's quite good.


After having a finished and playable layout ( which took me ~1 day), it was time to have a look for some good textures which I found on DeviantArt (made by Alexandru Filip). It took half a day to get them good looking inside the engine, but the result is great:


And from another angle:


However, as most of you will have noticed, it looks really flat, which is because there is no lighting. I spent another day on figuring out the right atmosphere by placing lights, moving them, setting their intesity and doing some other tweaks.

In the end I was really happy with the result, and I hope you will be too ;).


All of the shots above were in-editor, but what will everything look like ingame? After I tested it, I noticed that the bright blue was really hurting the eyes, and that the lamps on the wall textures weren't bright enough. After fixing these two issues the first half of the training room now look like this (on best settings):




and one in-editor:


Next thing will be some more deatils, such as another ceiling and doors and stuff, but the hardest part is done, so I hope to get this done a bit faster.

I hope you can forgive me for such a long time without updates, but I was really busy with school and other things in my life, and I'll try to get the details and the second part done as fast as possible ;).

Have a nice day!



It looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

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Tobinatore Author

Thank you very much! I already finished layout and texturing of the second course, when I get the lights to work correctly I'll post dome more pictures ;).

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Hey it looks really good.

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Tobinatore Author

Thank you :D

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Hey,I'm still here...just need to know what to do. :P

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Tobinatore Author

Hey, haven't forgot you ;), but atm I'm busy setting up the core mechanics, so there's not much work for you to do, I'll message you when I finished the basic stuff.

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